In the late 40's Herbert Feis, a United States'

In the late 40's Herbert Feis, a United States' State Department analysis, determined that a certain Arab nation in the Middle East has "one of the greatest material prizes in world history": oil reserves.The United States government has bargained over $100 billion in military goods, services, and Cold War-era bases, compatible with U.S.

needs, in exchange for the largest importation of this Arab oil from any other nation in the world.Since the end of World War II no other middle-eastern country has had more influence, connected more ties, or assimilated more partnerships with the United States than the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has. Though the Saudi Arabian nation has been established on the Arabian Peninsula since the early 18th century, King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Saud founded modern Saudi Arabia on September 23, 1932 under the constitution of the Holy Koran.During King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Saud's reign the nation began a long and prosperous period of economic growth, thanks in part to the discovery of vast oil supplies located throughout the Arabian Peninsula.The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comprises almost four-fifths of the Arabian Peninsula, an area approximately one-third the size of the continental United States, and contains Islamic Holy cities of Mecca and Medina.Today, Saudi Arabia is ruled by King Fahd bin Abdulaziz, who has been a strong political influence over neighboring Arab nations since his reign began.

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In 1988 he initiated talks to put an end to the Iraq-Iran conflict, and was one of thefirst members to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.Also in 1990 during the Persian Gulf conflict, he supported U.S. military action in the country in exchange for assistance in protecting the Saudi territory from being taken over by Iraq.King Fahd bin Abdulaziz has also openly showed support and backing for the Palestinian cause during the last decade. Saudi Arabi.


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