In Demiliterize the Japanese Government. McCharthy sought

In this new century the United States has placed a new emphasis on Forign Relations with Asia.

Foreign Since 1945 the United States has had a special relationship with Japan. The United States has had a very detailed history in helping to create the Japan that we see today and therefore is a close ally of this country. The most influential period of Japanese modern politics would be the occupation by the United States after WWII. Due to the surrender of the Japnese government the United States was able to rearrange and shape the politics of Japan as they saw fit.

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Also unlike the situation in Germany the United States was the only country that really fought the war in the Pacific they alone occupied the island of Japan. General McCarthy was the leader of the occupation by the United States and had two main goal which were to Democritze and Demiliterize the Japanese Government. McCharthy sought to Democritize the Japanese Governement byfirst creating a Constiution for the Japanese. This Constitiution created a parlimentary system that was elected by the people called the Diet. Realizing that Japan was a culture that held on to its traditions the US did not require that Japan dismiss the idea of a Emporer but allowed him to stay as a figurehead and placing the power in the Diet in essence creating a Constitional Democracy as we see in modern England. McCarther also belived that the best was to change the Japanese system was to affect the children which would later rule the country. He did this by changin g the style of education that was offered in Japan.

He required that a curriculum that promoted ideas of the West. This provided an oppertunity for the children to have an oppertunity to change the future government without having all the hangups of the extreme traditions of the past. McCarther also sought to demiliterize the Japanese so that they would never be able to be the threat to the P..


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