U.S. Axis powers would have dominated the European

U.S. Involvement in European Conflict In the year 1939 when World War II broke out, President Roosevelt was quick to declare the United States a neutral party in the conflict. He felt this best for our nation, as did the American citizens.We wished to avoid all foreign entanglements. On December 7th, 1941 the public outlook changed with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Soon after, Germany declared war on our nation.Through the use of propaganda, videos and posters alike, the U.S. government soon had the American people backing the war effort.We soon saw and understood that Germany had to be stopped.The United States was by no means the soul contributor to the downfall of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, but without our support, technology, and manpower, the Axis powers would have dominated the European continent.

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Even before the United States entered the war, we supported the British and Soviet forces.The staple of their war effort originated in the Lend-Lease Program. Instated by President Roosevelt in 1941, this act supplied Britain with a quarter of their munitions and Russia with just over a tenth of theirs.These goods were not seen as credits or loans, rather given freely to the nations fighting against the Axis powers in the interest of national defense (Dear 677). This secured a staging ground for all attacks on Southern Europe.

During the war in Northern Africa, the Lend-Lease Act provided General Montgomery with nearly 700 tanks, weighing the battles in his favor and aiding in securing his victory against Rommel and the Afrika Corps (Dupuy 21).This program not only supplied countries with munitions and vehicles, but also with food.One-tenth of Americas entire crop yield was spent on supporting Britain while they were being cut off by German U-Boats.Also, at this time, nearly two thirds of all oil production used by the Allies came from wells in Texas and California.

This was yet another vital compon…

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