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The civil war that took place in Russia during the early 1900's was one that not only involved Russia, but many other countries that had specific interests in the war. One of the countries to with specific personal interests was the United States of America. In order to act upon the desires of the United States, President Woodrow Wilson was faced with a dilemma that went the core of everything he stood for.

In order to solve this dilemma, Wilson used much patience and political savvy, and ultimately fulfilled the goal of United States intervention. The Russian Civil War took place in November 1917, coming off the heels of the Russian Revolution. The revolution took place in March of that year, and was the direct cause of the civil war.So in order to understand the civil war, one must take a look at the Russian Revolutionfirst. The Russian Revolution came as a result of the increasingly bad living conditions in Russia; the peasants had little to no food and the working class was underpaid while the upper class lead a comparably luxurious lifestyle.

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The revolutionaries felt that the answer to all the problems would be a shift to communism. The reason they felt this way is because communism, which has the same homiletic roots as the words common and community, preaches the abolition of all private property and the development of a classless social system. Communism is a political philosophy that in theory caters to the needs of the commoners, the commoners in this case being the working class and peasant Russians. The outcome of the Russian Revolution was a victory for the Bolshevik party that represented the communist philosophy. The Bolsheviks, after seizing power, issued a number of Robin Hood-esque decrees. The Decree of Land seized all private estates and distributed them to the peasants. A second decree, the Worker's Control of the Factories Decree supported much coveted representation to the workers with the m.


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