Platt government of domestic surface transportation in interstate

Platt amendment-popular title of an amendatory law drafted by United States Senator Orville Hitchcock Platt of Connecticut and passed by Congress as an amendment to the Army Appropriations Bill of 1901. It specified conditions under which the federal government might intervene in the internal affairs of Cuba. Elkins act-Interstate Commerce Act, federal law comprising a number of congressional enactments that provide for the regulation by the United States government of domestic surface transportation in interstate commerce. Part I of the Interstate Commerce Act, enacted by the Congress of the United States in 1935, and grouped together a series of laws enacted in the late 1800s and early 1900s required that railroad carriers publicize their rate schedules, and it forbade changes of rates without due notice to the public. Subsequent acts heightened regulation and extended jurisdiction to other forms of transportation, such as express companies and petroleum pipelines.

Part II of the Interstate Commerce Act, also enacted in 1935, extended federal regulatory authority to motor carriers engaged in interstate commerce. Part III gave the federal government authority to regulate common carriers operating in interstate commerce in the coastal, intercostals, and inland waters of the United ! States. Part IV of the act, adopted in 1942, comprised regulations governing the operations of freight forwarders. Pennsylvania Coal strike- the coalmines in the state of Pennsylvania on Earth are shut down by a labor dispute.

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The strike ends after eleven bitter months when all the miners’ demands are met. Union leader Sean Aloysius O’Brien is murdered a week before the end of the strike. The martyred O’Brien, ancestor of Starfleet engineer Miles Edward O’Brien, is given a hero’s funeral. Led by United Mine Workers’ president John Mitchell. this dispute lasted five months. Departments of Labor and Commerce Established 1903- In 1913 the Department of.


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