“One whether its grain smoothened or splintered, conceals

"One nation, under God…" These words come from the United States' pledge of allegiance. The United States, upheld by its prestige, has always been and still remains the worlds most promising and elite nation. Its institution of democracy, effective economic structure, diversity of ethnic backgrounds, military prowess, stable government, and advance technology supports its renowned reputation.

Established as its individual nation apart from Great Britain in July 4,1776, the United States experienced as much accomplishments as it did struggles. Its history, whether its grain smoothened or splintered, conceals much more to it then just events of the past. Thus, the history of the United States brings fascination because of selective reasons pertaining to self-awareness, loyalty, and pride. First and foremost, the wonders of ones own place and belonging helps magnify their curiosity for their country's history. Whether natively born, or as a settling immigrant in the U.S.

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, the knowledge of ones own country should undoubtedly be considered. The history of the United States helps explain much of its functions. A figurative way of looking at it would be that without the past, there would be no present. Also, the metaphoric connection between ones household and ones nation argue why one should be sincere about their country's history. In other words, ones country resembles the essence of a family and should serve likewise.

Like the family name, a country has its own distinctions. In perspective, knowing ones place only results from the insatiable urge of finding ones self. The historical outline of a nation should be regarded simply out of respect.

The Puritans, America'sfirst non-native inhabitants, strived for their freedom against British oppression. Thus, they contributed to the existence of the United States. In doing so, their accomplishments deserve undivided recognition. As one of…

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