COLONIZATION governor into exile. Bacon’s rebellion was

COLONIZATION & REVOLUTIONARY WAR–IDENTIFICATIONS – Nathaniel Bacon, a member of the'back county gentry' and the governor's council in Jamestown, VA. On two separate occasions, Bacon led his army to Jamestown after an ongoing conflict with the Indians to the west. Thefirst time, they were successful in winning a temporary pardon from the governor; the second time the governor went back on his original agreement so Bacon and his army burned the city and drove the governor into exile.

Bacon's rebellion was significant for a few reasons. It was part of the ongoing struggle over boundaries between the Indians and the colonists, it showed how unwilling the settlers were to abide by agreements with the natives, and how unwilling the Indians were to tolerate further white settlement in their territory. It also showed the ongoing conflict between settlers in the east and west, as well as the potential for instability in the colony's large population of free, landless men. – The British enacted the Stamp Act which taxed all British colonists for stamps needed for all legal documents. The colonists were outraged and refused to pay taxes or buy British goods.

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It was significant because the rebellion demonstrated how angry the colonist were with the British oppression and showed the restlessness of the colonists. It was also significant because small rebellions such as this one were the beginnings of revolution. – Before 1776, the growing support for independence for the British remained largely unspoken. Common Sense, written by Thomas Paine, was successful in galvanizing many Americans. Paine proved to be a brilliant success as a revolutionary propagandist. He wished to convince colonists that a reconciliation with the British was impossible and the only solution would to completely brea.


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