In new life in the “New World”.Puritans abhorred

In the 1600s almost all the serious issues were relating to religion.Most people came to the Americas to escape religious persecution.Religious feuds were inevitable.Several religions came with the emigrants colonizing America.People had there own ideas on what the "right" religion was.

America was the mush pot of religions in the 1600s. The Puritans came to America after failing to purify the Catholic church.They were constantly persecuted in England: being fined, imprisoned, even branded and mutilated, so after they fled to Holland they heard about how they could start a new life in the "New World".Puritans abhorred anyone who did not agree with the Bible and many people were excommunicated or sometimes even killed.Many issues arose from the Puritan belief system, especially with Jews and Catholics.The Puritans had enemies in America and England.The Puritans only let those approved members vote and denied freedom of speech to anyone else.The Puritans also had political issues.

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England was trying to get Massachusetts ( the main Puritan colony ) charter annulled because they were acting like an independent nation and defying royal authority.(Morris, 76-79) Anne Hutchinson was on of the many people who were excommunicated and thrown in jail for boldly disagreeing with the Puritan church, which was the dominant religion at the time in America.She was not the only one being persecuted for her beliefs, Presbyterian and Quakers had been executed after returning to Massachusetts after being expelled.England abrogated Massachusetts charter in 1684 after denying religious freedom to non-Puritans and refusal to comply with royal law.(Morris, 79) Before England's Glorious Revolution which ended absolute monarchy and established Parliamentary supremacy, King James II sent over Sir Edmund Andros to be the new royal governor.

Andros insisted on religious toleration for Anglicans, ma…

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