America the different states we gained and how

America acquired a lot of land over a short period time starting from about 1783 to about 1848. America did so in a few different ways such as war, treaty, annexation and purchase. In this essay I will discuss some of the different states we gained and how we gain them. The original thirteen colonies were acquired by a battle or a war known as The American Revolution. The Americans fought Britain for freedom, rights and land.

After a successful battle the British were forced to sign the Treaty of Paris in 1783. This treaty gave America the thirteen colonies and the other side of the Mississippi river. In 1803 the leader of France, Napoleon offered the U.S. to purchase Louisiana. Although the Constitution made no provision for the acquisition of new land, Jefferson decided to go with a more loose constitution and called this a treaty. The Louisiana Purchase was the greatest real estate deal in world history, because it doubled the U.

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S. in size and it only cost about 15 million dollars in gold. After that in 1818 and 1819 Spain sold Florida to the U.S. and we just took west Florida with it. In 1842 a treaty with Britain gives us northern Minnesota in which we later discover is full of extremely valuable that boosted America’s economy. For about nine years Texas wasn’t part of any country and very much wanted to become part of the U.S.

be we kept on refusing because of slavery abolishment in the north. In 1845 the U.S.

decided it would allow Texas to be part of U.S. territory so we had the Texas Annexation. In 1846 after a successful victory over Britain in a battle which was fought over a very large piece of land, the Americans came to a compromise with the British.

America decided that it would take Oregon Country by treaty and allow the British to keep the northern half of the land that was fought over. In 1853 America acquires another very large piece of land from Mexico. After the war the Mexican signed a treaty giving us..


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