After Confederation. This new government was not

After the Revolution, the 13 colonies set up a very weak national government under the powers of the Articles of the Confederation. This new government was not able to create revenue for the nation. It was not able to support foreign trade. The 13 states were in fact more powerful individually, than in whole.

This bought many problems like the exchange of currency. Many of the states made there own separate currency, which some states would not except. They were placing taxes against other state's goods.

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The wealthy was not liking this at all because the loss of profit from the trade industry. States could not stabilize trade with foreign countries. This led to the Great convention in Philadelphia. Each state would send delegates except Rhode Island. The delegates then lock the doors and began work on a new government. The delegates started off really slow. Arguing over the power the government should have and the power of the states.

Smaller states wanted to retain power like what was in the articles of confederation with only 1 vote per state. But the lager states wanted to have power by population rather than equality. Not much progress was made; they were at a full stopping point. The southern states were so upset because they felt that they were not being represented equally. They were about to walk out until the Great Compromise. The compromise was that two houses were to be made, a lower house- based of population and an upper house- were every state had equal in vote.

The Delegates then started to work on the power of the President. Soon they had three houses of government, the executive, legislative, and the judiciary.The three houses had a system of checks and balances, were one had no power over every thing. The President was in charge of the army but did not have the power to go to war, Congress did.

Congress could create laws but the President could veto them.Each house had power over each other….

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