In that forced all Indians to move west

In 1829, Andrew Jackson enacted a law that forced all Indians to move west to land that was set aside for them.Before the Indians settled on their new land, more white settlers moved in and searched for gold.They took away land set aside for the Indians.The whites again moved westward to California, and once again, the government took land, which it had given to the Indians, and called it "Manifest Destiny".

In 1877, Chief Joseph chose between peace and war with the white man, and he changed the future of his people forever, when he chose war.During the war, the white men continued their immoral acts upon the Indians.The U.S.

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Army engaged in endless slaughter and massacres based on lies and deceptions.Along with their purposes for war, these reasons made the U.S. Army guilty of gross inhumanity towards the Indians in their long and costly war.

The U.S. Army's purposes when they went to war were not just, because all that brought them into war was their greed for more land.When the whites landed in America, the Indians took them in, gave them land, and taught them the skills they needed to survive in the new world."All this, of course, was taken as a sign of weakness" (Wounded Knee 1) and the Indians were sent packing West.The white settlers took advantage of the Indians' kindness and took over their territories.

More and more people were shipped across the Atlantic.To make room for them, they took over land that used to belong to the Indians.The Indians attempted to save their tribes from extinction by attacking many white settlements that had originally belonged to them."The Indians attacked fifty-two settlements, completely destroying twelve of them". (Wounded Knee 4)This was taken as a sign of war by the new settlers, so they retaliated in a much stronger effort.The U.

S. Army took the Indians to war to fulfill their own greed and took over the land they claimed…

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