Urban are the same ones who go ahead

Urban planning normally focuses on development of a city or a town. Some of the urban issues like urban slums cause lack of development.

Global city

Global cities have the following characteristics: large scale immigration, increasing income, and occupational population. This is a common urban issue found in developing countries.

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In the movie, “Constant Gardner” raping and killing of an activist Tessa Quayle occurs. She is the wife of Justin Quayle. This scene takes place in Northern Kenya. His companion Dr Arnold Blahm then disappears. Tessa and this doctor are fighting violation of human rights. They complain about the inhumane practices of the global pharmaceutical companies. Justin goes in search of his wife Tessa. He discovers that her death was not an accident.

This is where he also discovers corruption and collaboration in between the Kenyan government, the pharmaceutical corporation, and his fellow British colleagues. This story revolves between Justin and other characters, and across the globe. It also clearly brings out this act of terrorism.

Urban slum and physical environment

The movie is about a young man (Rocket) who grows up in an urban slum. It is in Brazil. What surrounds him are death and many crimes.

These crimes do not only surround Robert and friends but also it becomes part of their lives. Even if Robert’s family tries to avoid violence, they are finally drawn into it. In the slum, there is extreme poverty; the children here are drug addicts. As young as seven years, these children are able to pick up guns and commit atrocities. They are the same ones who go ahead and form roving bands of armed murders. These type of children perform very poorly.

They end up being criminals in the society which prevents any development.

Lack of social and economic mobility

Social mobility refers to how an individual moves upwards or downwards in terms of occupation, education, and wealth. Social mobility between generations is dramatically lower in United States than in any other developed country. The main cause for lack of social mobility is limited of education. Also, another cause for lack of social and economic mobility is few job opportunities. Therefore, social mobility is a necessity to boost economic mobility.

Government public housing

It includes giving public land to developers and house builders association on a build now and pay later contract.

Children who live in public housing perform poorly in school compared to those who live in other types of housing. The reason as to why students living in public housing perform differently is that, they are subjected to poverty. They also do not have role models to stress the importance of education, which exposes them to the risk of limited resources and are exposed to peer pressure from those who perform better than them in school.

Importance of education

Education helps one gain knowledge. It helps us be capable of interpreting things in the right manner. It assists us in having a clear picture about what surrounds us and stop having confusion about what we learn.

Education is not only extracted from textbooks but also from what happens around us. In the movie, education changes people’s negative cultural believes. Technology education enlightens people’s mind since it helps them get an advanced way of doing things.


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