Upon www.aaii.com/investing-basics/article/the-top-10-economic-indicators-what-to-watch-and-why. “San Antonio Economic Indicators, December

Upon reading San AntonioEconomic indicators, I learned of some of the economic activity and its performancein San Antonio as of December 2017.

Some of the indicators listed were SanAntonio’s “Labor market, housing market, and San Antonio stocks” (2017).When reviewing each economicindicator listed at this time for San Antonio, we can review and summarize the performancelevel at a high or low rate for unemployment we are at the lower end in performancecompared to the US and Texas as a whole. Furthermore, the housing market is showinga lower median price compared to all of Texas, and finally the Stocks in San Antonioappear to be lower compared to S 500.Personally, theemployment market has been declared as low, but I have a job so I can’t relateto the absence in the market, versus in the housing market where I feel theeffects of the high rate in medium price per home, because I currently am onlyable to afford to rent.

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Lastly the stocks do not directly relate to mepersonally, but it could negatively impact me if I was in to stocks.  Other knownindicators that weren’t mentioned in Dallesfed.org per the American Associationof individual investors are “Manufacturing and Trade inventories and sales,Consumer confidence, Consumer price index, Money supply, Gross domesticproduct, producer price index, and Retail trade sales and food service sales” (Investors,2018).Consumer Confidence in myopinion is a valuable indicator, because it is imperative to keep the economygoing by having a high number of consumers that have the confidence to spendwhat they earn due to their personal confidence in their employment and financialstance. In the article, The Top 10Economic Indicators: What to watch and why explains consumer confidence tobe “This statistic is a leading indicator of consumer spending-consumers aremore inclined to spend money when they are feeling confident about theirfinancial and employment prospects” (Investors, 2018).CitationInvestors, AmericanAssociation of Individual.

“The Top 10 Economic Indicators: What to Watch andWhy.” AAII: The American Association of Individual Investors, 2018,www.aaii.com/investing-basics/article/the-top-10-economic-indicators-what-to-watch-and-why.”San Antonio EconomicIndicators, December 2017.

” Dallasfed.org, Federal Reserve Bank ofDallas, 28 Dec. 2017, www.dallasfed.org/research/indicators/sa/sa171228.aspx.


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