UNIVERSITY and management iii. Humanities and social


The University of Grenoble France, internationally renowned
among the top-ranked universities in the world as a major player in higher
education and research was founded by Humbert II of viennois. First established
in 1339, it split into three separate Universities in
1971 but later reunited in 2016 to restore the original institution under the
name Université Grenoble Alpes. Playing host to over 45,000 students, a Staff
Capacity of 5,500 including 3,000 lecturers, research professors
and 2,500 administrative and technical staff, the
university is set up around two closely located urban campuses: Domaine
Universitaire in Saint-Martin-d’Hères  and Campus Giant
in Grenoble. Also known as UGA, it has 23 faculties, schools
and institutes, 80 laboratories, owns and operates facilities in Valence, Chambéry, LesHouches,
Villard’Arêne, Mirabel, Échirolles, La Tronche and Gières.


RANKING                                                                                                                                  The Université Grenoble Alpes
(UGA) as a comprehensive university offers high-quality training in several
academic disciplines, at all levels: undergraduate, master’s, doctorate, as
well as certificate programs and student exchanges. According to QS World
University ranking of 2018, UGA IS ranked 236 in the world, 51-100 in earth and marine science
and number 301-500 in graduate employability. In 2016 it was also ranked by
CWUR as 167 in the world, 153 in quality of education, 8 in France and 581 in
Alumni employment. As the world is becoming more and more competitive, the
institution aims to better respond to the challenges the world poses
universities today and in the future, and to be more visible and attractive


Admission Requirements                                                                         
University of Grenoble offers high-quality training in all academic disciplines at all levels: Undergraduate, Masters,
certificate programs, student exchanges as well as programs taught in English for
international students. Its large
range of
courses, from Bachelor’s degree to Doctoral degrees spread across four main
educational fields:

I. Arts, literature and languages

ii. Law, economics and management

iii. Humanities and social science

iv. Sciences, technologies, and health


of Grenoble Academic Programs

1. Specific Programs for International students

The UGA has
developed a number of Masters Degrees and individual courses taught in English. Many
of these programs also allow students to earn a dual degree from the
UGA and one of its partner institutions. In addition, the
UGA offers specific programs taught in French. You can apply and
enroll in these specific programs either as a regular degree-seeking student or
through your home university if you are enrolled at an institution with a
UGA partnership. In addition to its regular degree programs, the
UGA has created a variety of specific, internationally-engaged programs:
short-stay and faculty-led programs, programs taught in English, and
programs which are designed to meet the challenges of today’s global

I. Short programs                                                                                                         The center for French Studies offers a wide
range of courses for French learners at all levels this varies from month-long
intensive courses to specialized training in professional French such as (French
for Law, Tourism, Business, Medicine and, sciences) as well as summer
short-stay programs.                                                                ii. Internationally-engaged study programs                                                                         iii. Dual-degree programs                                               
                                                 iv. Branch campuses and distance

Also worthy of note is the University of
Grenoble’s programs in English. As part of its commitment to internationalization and
access to education, students can bag a Diploma or Undergraduate Degree (three
years) and a Masters Degree (two years) from a range of courses in English.
Under-listed are disciplines available under the English program:

 Business, Management, and the Law

 Earth and Environmental Sciences


Urban and Regional Planning

Sciences, Life Sciences, and Chemistry

and Computer Science

and Materials Science

2. International
Degree-Seeking Students

Annually, the
UGA welcomes nearly 6,000 students from all over the world in its
undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, and certificate programs. For
prospective students interested in joining them for an excellent academic
journey all you are required to do is;

I. First, consult the online catalogue of Degree programs that
interest you. Each program page will list the contact information for the program
director for further assistance
ii. Follow the steps detailed on the page for applications and

iii. For further information about administrative procedures and
student life visit the International Students and
Scholars Office (ISSO) website.

iv. Some funding may be available to
qualified students.

International Exchange Students

Fortunately, the UGA has exchange partners with institutions
from all over the world. This allows exchange students to spend a semester
or a year at the UGA, transferring academic credits to their home universities,
after which they earn a degree from their home university.

Note: Depending on the
program that interests you and your student status, application and enrollment
procedure may differ.

How much does it cost to study in

                        University studies in France are
relatively inexpensive compared to most European and North American countries,
as Education is highly subsidized by the French Government.

Annual registration fees: €261.10 (updated each year).                                   

National health insurance program: €217                                                                             
Undergraduate tuition: €200                                                                                             Masters
Tuition: €250                                                                                         Engineering Degree Tuition: €610                                                                                  Doctorate: €391                                                                                                Accommodation, Feeding, Miscellaneous                                                                     The
cost of housing in Grenoble is reasonable as compared to some other countries.

Student residence: 200 to
600€ per month

Private residence: 450 to
600€ per month 

Electricity and gas bills:
around 50€ per month

Water: 15€ a month

Telecommunication: between
5 and 30 € per month


Local transport (tram and
bus) pass: 15 or 54 € per month depending on your age

Bicycle rental: up to 25 €
per month

A midday meal in a restaurant: 10-14 €

Why choose the University Of Grenoble
Alpes?                                                             I. Provision of great resources for
international students, faculty, and staff.  
       II. Grenoble offers an unparalleled quality
of life.                                                                  iii.Wide range of programs at the Undergraduate, Master’s
and Doctoral levels, open to all students regardless of

iv. Stands as France’s
leader in higher education, innovation, research and maintains 80 research centers in all disciplines.  
v. An international leader in both pure and
applied research and sciences.                            vi. UGA offers a wide range of activities
for students, faculty, and staff to participate in such as arts and culture, or 35 different sports – there’s something for everyone.                                                                                                                                     vii. UGA is also a great choice for short
stay programs.



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