UNIVERSITY User survey 5 Subtask B cannot start

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHAMPTON SEMESTER 1 EXAMINATIONS 2016/17Software Project Management and DevelopmentDuration 120 minutes (2 hours) This paper contains five questions.

Answer three questions. COMP6204W1 An outline marking scheme is shown in brackets to the right ofeach question. University approved calculators may be used. A foreign language dictionary is permitted ONLY IF it is a paperversion of a direct ‘Word to Word’ translation dictionary AND itcontains no notes, additions or annotations. Copyright 2017 © University of Southampton Page 1 of 6 COMP6204W1 1. Asamanagerplanningasoftwaredevelopmentproject,youhave compiled a list of subtasks and obtained estimates of thetime each subtask should take to complete and identifiedwhich tasks must be completed before others can start, asfollows: Task Description Estimated timeto complete(weeks) A. Capture user requirements 6 B. High level design of the system 4 C.

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Low level design of the systemmodules 10 D. Code and test system modules 18 E. Integrate the whole system 4 F. Plan staff allocations 2 G. Integration test 5 H.

Finalize UI 5 I. Unit tests 9 J. User acceptance tests 4 K. User survey 5 Subtask B cannot start until subtask A is completeSubtask C cannot start until subtask F is completeSubtask D cannot start until subtasks C, H, K are completeSubtask E cannot start until subtasks D is completeSubtask F cannot start until subtask B is completeSubtask G cannot start until subtasks E and I are completeSubtask H cannot start until subtask K is completeSubtask J cannot start until subtasks E, G are completeSubtask K cannot start until subtask B is complete Copyright 2017 © University of Southampton Page 2 of 6 COMP6204W1(i) Draw a Critical Path Analysis (CPA) diagram representing the project and explain the paths shown. 10 marks (ii) Identify the Critical Path of the project and calculate theshortest time in which the project may be completed.

3 marks (iii) What does it mean for a task to be on the Critical Path of aproject? Give two reasons why it is useful to identify the Critical Path of a project.(iv) How much could you delay the start of Integration (subtask E) without delaying the whole project? 3 marks (v) What are the most significant drawbacks normallyencountered when using CPA for a software project? 5 marks (vi) Following a review, it is decided that work on the low leveldesign (Subtask C) can start as soon as the High Leveldesign is complete (Subtask B) without waiting forcompletion of the staff planning activity (Subtask F). Howdoes that affect your analysis? 4 marks TURN OVERCopyright 2017© University of Southampton Page 3 of 6 8 marks COMP6204W1 2. (i) Explain why approaches to project and qualitymanagement used in industries such as civil engineeringor mass production may not be effective for softwaredevelopment projects. 11 marks (ii) Describe the purpose and the principal features of ISOstandards which are relevant to software development projects. 11 marks (iii) Draw an example of an Ishikawa (or fishbone) diagram.What does this kind of diagram show? Explain how one may be useful to a project manager.3.

(i) Give four reasons why the failure rate of a software system rises when developers hand it over to users. 8 marks (ii) A system fails on average once every eight and a halfdays. The maintenance team repairs a fault in 26 minuteson average. What is the Availability of the system (to threesignificant figures)? 4 marks(iii) What is artificial bug insemination? Explain how it is used as part of the testing of a software system. 7 marks (iv) Give and explain two reasons why some managers believethat it is not a good idea to use artificial bug insemination.

6 marks (v) Even the most highly respected and diligent softwaredevelopers issue updates periodically to address securityand other problems in software. Why aren’t theseproblems identified and eliminated when software productsare tested? 8 marksCopyright 2017 © University of Southampton Page 4 of 6 11 marks COMP6204W1 4. The following risks that may affect a project to develop a taxguidance and management system have been identified.

Event DelayImpact FinancialImpact Probability Departure ofexperienced staff 3 months £40,000 40% Launch of revisedhardware platform 2 months £20000 30% Changes to taxrates or regime 1 months £5,000 20% Tests reveal extrabugs 3 months £15,000 30% Invent a series of digits to serve as random numbers and usethem to perform a Monte Carlo simulation predicting possibleproject outcomes. (i) Construct graphs to show the ranges of various project costs and durations.(ii) Suggest what the Manager may deduce from this exercise and how they might act on the deductions. 9 marks (iii) Some analysts divide risks into “controlled risks” and”uncontrolled risks”. Explain the difference between these twoclasses of risk and what a manager can do about each. 12 marks TURN OVERCopyright 2017© University of Southampton Page 5 of 6 12 marks 5. (i) List and describe each of the stages of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) of the software development process8 marks (ii) It has been suggested that software systems will improve ifSoftware Developers improve the processes they use. Do you agree? Explain and justify your answer.

8 marks (iii) Describe what Brookes means by what he calls, “TheProgramming Systems Product” in his book, “The MythicalMan-month”. Include an explanation of the distinction hemakes between computer programmes and the programmingsystem or programme product, and the implications fordevelopers. 9 marks (iv) As it is widely accepted that a larger team working on aproject will get the work done more quickly and complete theproject earlier, adding more people would appear to be theobvious solution when a project starts to fall behind.

Do you agree? Explain what happens when more people areadded to a project. 8 marks END OF PAPER COMP6204W1 Copyright 2017 © University of Southampton Page 6 of 6 


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