Universal financial protection. Financial risk protection, improved

Universal health Coverage is a comprehensive approach in the health sector that design to deliver accessibility, quality health service and financial protection. Financial risk protection, improved access to quality health services, and improved health outcomes are the themes of UHC (1).

Universal Health Coverage(UHC) is society backbone in terms of health but also has economic and political value. UHC was brought in to the table by Alma-Ata declaration before 30 years. With a central idea of ”Health for all”, which believed to improve social strength (2).

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In most country people select health as one of their highest need, in another country, they require health before only economic concerns. Due to high health need in the society, universal health coverage is both social and political issue(2). Even if, the system design to meet the health need of the society, it also has a significant impact in poverty and inequality elimination (3). Because of the political and social impact of the system, universal health coverage is able to motivate all governments and most international organization. Achieving UHC is an important objective for all countries to attain equity, accessibility, and sustainability of health service.


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