Universal as well as prosperity and stability

Universal Health Coverage(UHC) is the foundation for population stability in terms of health, sustained economic and social development. UHC was brought in to the table by Alma-Ata declaration before 30 years. With a central idea of ”Health for all”. which believed to produce better quality of life as well as prosperity and stability in the world (2).
Universal Health Coverage is a service package in the health sector that design to give a quality health service and financial protection to the entire population in a given country. The aim and objective of universal health coverage is financial risk protection, improved access to quality health services, and improved health outcomes(1).
In most country people prefer health one of their highest priorities, in other countries, they rate health before only economic concerns, such as unemployment, low wages and a high cost of living. Due to high health priority in the society, universal health coverage becomes a social and political concern(2).
UHC is defined as access to the quality health service without the risk of financial hardships or without they being pushed to extreme poverty due to catastrophic health expenditure. It is all about quality health service, accessibility as well as financial risk protection.
Even if, the system design to provide universal access to the quality health service, it also has a significant effect on poverty reduction and increasing social stability(3). Because of the political and social nature of the system, the universal health coverage able to attract the attention of all UN state members.
Achieving UHC is an important objective for all countries to attain equability, accessibility, accountability, resilience, and sustainability health structure. Health system strengthening is a means to progress towards UHC. A functioning UHC is organized around the people, institutions and resources that are mandated to improve, maintain or restore the health of a given population.


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