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UnifiedCommunications (UC) is the convergence of communication and collaborationtechnologies to create new solutions and services that can be integrated withapplications. The value of combining these capabilities is greater than theirsum. The goal is not to converge all services, but instead to determine willadd the most value to firms. No single vendor can provide UC. However, oneprinciple will be to minimize the vendors we need to integrate. There are fourcore components that will make up Unified Communications solutions at Boeing;Telephony, Messaging, Conferencing and IM/Presence. Mobility transcends all ofthe combinations and should be a strong consideration for all solutions.

Indefining Boeing UC strategy, it will be more important to understand what UCmeans to Boeing and Military aircrafts than what the academic definition of UCis. This understanding will drive which combination of capabilities will leadto solutions that add the most value to Boeing. As Boeing signed a contractwith AT&T to consolidate its voice and data as well as made a decision toupgrade to Microsoft’s Lync to have better real-time collaboration whichincludes Audio and Video conferencing which traditionally sits withincommunications. I like to comment on UC mechanism which can improve dataprivacy and data integrity. When user starts using Lync for any type ofcommunication, that communication will reside within AT Cloud, which willbe Boeing dedicated environment. Data will reside in an unencrypted databasewith AT data center. AT will have access to this environment. Anychat session which lasts more than 2 mins is stored at 2 places.

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Data willreside within Global Relay in a multi-tenant environment. Global relay managesencryption keys which are protected by passwords. As 2 mins chats are notencrypted there is chance for data compromise. As Boing is used for defensesystem they must enforce proper data usage, storage laws as well as implementproper security to guard the data.Aseach and every firm is going towards Globalization, UC is making significant differenceto achieve globalization better and faster way. In this case study, Boeingadapted Unified Communication to enable effective communication between theiremployees, clients and vendors.

The same communication can be used and bebeneficiary to any sector like education, accounting, energy, chemicalindustries etc. Boeing started using web conferencing, audio conferencing,desktop sharing and mobile voice/data services to facilitate communicationamong geographically dispersed teams as part of Unified Communication. Theysaved a lot in terms of travel cost, made better in important decision making.All these benefits other firms started getting as well by using UC.Thereare several benefits of the Unified Communications where is Boeing not usingall them. Social Computing is one of the core components of UnifiedCommunication platform, however is an important part of message and collaborationstrategy. Social Computing provides non-real-time functional capability throughwikis, workspaces, blogs, social graphs and many others aspects.

UnifiedCommunications provide real-time functions for efficient and instantcommunication to social computing. Boeing can add social computing platform as partof their application suits. In this case, let say one of the Boeing employeehas question on other country’s law and jurisdictions and he is looking forimmediate answer. If Boeing has some social computing platform. He can post hisquestions on this platform and get quick response provided by one his colleagues.If he wants to talk with that person he can call him/her in real time using UCregardless of what device s/he is using, and communicate to resolve his query bydoing this he didn’t have to open any other internet explorer windows or call anyoneand use any search engine as company implemented social computing as a part ofUC.

He got better and faster response ever. If I will be CIO of Boeing company,I like to implement social computing and team collaboration as part of Unifiedcommunication.  I like to make all thiscommunication faster, reliable and secure as a link is providing Audio Video conferencingcompany can get rid of desk phones. Which will result in cost reduction.


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