Uneven week. This model requires soil data, crop

distribution pattern of monsoon rain and highly permeable soil type and poor
rainwater management practices effect the crop yield. Also lands remain barren
in winter season due to lack of rainfall. There is need for rainwater
conservation and its optimum utilization for achieving maximum return from the
field. Daily water balance model for crop field and the on farm reservoir (OFR)
is developed based on mass balance approach to assess water availability in the
OFR and moisture content in the field. A Dynamic Programing (DP) model is
developed to allocate optimum supplemental irrigation to crop for receives
maximum net annual return from the cropped area under land and water
availability constraints in the OFR based rainfed agricultural system. The decision
variable is optimum allocation of supplemental irrigation from the OFR and
decision interval is standard week. This model requires soil data, crop data,
meteorological data and different level of water management strategies as
inputs. The model integrates the dynamics associated with the water released by
supplemental irrigation from the OFR to the actual water utilized by the crops
at farm level. It also takes into account the non-linear relationship of root
growth, soil moisture dynamics for multiple crops and yield response to water
deficit at various growth stages of the crops. The DP model is simulated for 5%
to 12% field area (800 m2 field) and economic benefits from the
crops takes into accounted for optimum size of OFR.

Based on aforementioned modeling approach, optimum sizing
of the on-farm reservoir will be determine that will provide supplemental
irrigation to rice in monsoon season, to mustard in rabi season. Apply this model to 800 m2 fields that the
optimum size of the OFR varies with the combination of the crop (rice or rice –
mastered) and the size of OFR reduces in 15% soil moisture depletion factor
than 10% soil moisture depletion factor also the OFR size is less for rice than
rice – mustard scenario. 


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