UNETHICAL their policies and procedures. Providing a

UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR IN THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY All industries have the responsibility of maintaining high ethical and moral standards that comply with their policies and procedures. Providing a safe work environment and fair labor wages should be the ethical priority in all industries.

With a clear overview of the manufacturing industry, it will help us understand the importance of a code of ethics and moral values, unethical behavior from known companies, issues leading to unethical behavior and impact on society. The manufacturing industry should always express integrity, fairness and basic rights within their companies policies and code of conduct to always ensure the safety of its employees. OVERVIEW OF THE INDUSTRYManufacturing is defined to be “the process of converting raw materials and/or parts into finished goods that can be sold in wholesale or retail markets or exported for sale in other countries. It covers a wide range of industries, from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals…

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.”(“Manufacturing”). In the beginning of manufacturing, artisans were producing products and goods by hand with most of them working from their farms and homes.

When the Industrial revolution began in the 18th century it brought changes in production of goods taking the artisans role as producers. This revolution brought the steam engine, which was used as the main source of power for machinery, increasing the rate of the production. The items were cheaper and faster to produce, therefore increasing the supply and demand allowing more and more factories to open in the United States (U.S.). These factories employed men and women, but also children. In 1833 The Factory Act was created to set standards for the factories and protect children with the limit of hours worked on a daily basis.


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