Unemployment: several government sectors. When a nation faced

Unemployment: Introduction:Among the other heavily rising issues in Pakistan, the issueof Unemployment is among the top ones.

 Many candidates with proper professionaleducation and vast knowledge of their relevant field when apply for jobs remainun entertained and hopeless, such people who fail to get a suitable job fallsin the category of unemployment. In our country there are more candidates andless jobs. When the problem of Unemployment arises in a country its most significantreasons are less or limited seats in many organizations such as ManufacturingIndustry and several government sectors. When a nation faced unemploymentissues it is more likely to face other issues like more poor people, lack ofmonitoring fund for most of the people, increase in crime and under developedsociety.Among the various crisis developed because of Unemploymentthe darkest one is poverty.

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It is really hard and upto some extend unfair toexpect honesty from such a person who is unable to have his meal two times aday or who is not making enough to fulfill the responsibilities of his familyand also cannot afford their health treatment. Such people are more likely to find illegal ways to fulfill their requirementssuch as corruption, betrayal and planned thefts. Causes:There are several causes of unemployment is Pakistan. Some of the major ones are highlightedbelow.1) Increase In Population:The increasing population has a drastic effect on employment opportunitiesin a country.

According to the latest census results the population of Pakistanhas increased 57% in the last 19 years which is huge as compared to theindustrial and business development of the country. Moreover, manymultinational companies has terminated  theirbusiness in Pakistan and several companies implemented downsizing which resultsin huge loss of jobs. For each announced vacancy in any organization the numberof applicants are in thousands which clearly indicate the crisis applicants aregoing through.

2)  Education System:One important factor of unemployment is the education system.The system of education plays a vital role in deciding the quality of skilledcandidates launchiung in the market. It has been observed that education systemmostly emphasize on extra theoretical teachings and very less practicaloriented teaching, so it is likely to observe that those candidates who arefresh graduates are extremely non familiar with the practical and hands onworking skills requires in an organization. Companies hesitate to offer job tosuch candidates as they already can hire someone who is expeirnced . As aresult of this, the fresh candidates are more likely to get rejected most ofthe time.3) Less Career Oppertunities:Career opportunities arise when the industrial development isat peak. Such countries which are continuously developing industries and arealso attracting multinational companies to invest are more likely to haveseveral job opportunities. Unfortunalely, in Pakistan this happens in reverse.

Fewyears back the industrial sector was growing rapidly and many internationalbrands started their operations in Pakistan. But as a result of the law andorder situation most of them discontinued and many of them moved to othercountries which can provide enough safety. This results in the exsistance of avery few industries with very less career opportunities.4) Lack Of Interest In Industrial Sector:As per the mind set of our nation, most of the people areattracted towards some specific fields such as Engineering, Medical or Finance.No awareness is provided towards such filed which are neglected in Pakistan. Asan agricultural state, the opportunity of developing the agriculture industryis vast in Pakistan but unfortunately no steps has been taken to develop thisindustry. The agriculture is carried out through the old traditional methodsand a very less percent of cultivation is done as per the capability.

Such asagriculture there are many other fields towards which the attention of thenation must be diverted like Tourism, Music, Fine Arts, Journalism, Acting,Fashion etc. Consequences:As a result of increasing unemployment in Pakistan, there areseveral consequenes the nation is gowing through, some of them are mentinedbelow:1) Stress:Due to lack of employment in Pakistan, people are facing alot of mental trauma which results in stress. People are more likely to be indepression for most of the time, thinking of ways to rectify their financialcrisis and still went in vain. Stress creates depression and depression inresult can produce lots of health issues .

2) Increased Crime:While trying to cope with the crisis created due tounemployment, the sad and stressfull people sometime indulge themselves inseveral crimes, some of them are serious ones like target killing,  kidnapping , robbery and corruption. 3) Increased Drugs Consumption:When most of the candidates after obtaining an optimum leve;lof education failed to find a suitable job got collapse with stress . thoughtof being unable to support their family of fulfill their need creates extreme depression,to counter this effect most of the people start to consume drugs to feel relieffrom their responsibilities. 4) Increased Suicide Ratio:According to an analysis, the rate of suicide has increasedin Pkaistan from past few decades. One of the main reasons for this is unemployment. Recommendations:How to recover from this problem:To overcome this situation of unemployment in India various wayscan be find out some of these are: Population should be controlled in manner to provide more job opportunities for limited people.

Education system and quality of education in country’s professional institutes should be improved in order to provide technical and practical knowledge so that they can face the all situation in their professional career very efficiently. Government should focus on improvement of each and every sector individually especially agriculture so that people could not be forced to move from rural to urban areas for getting better job opportunities. Development of rural areas is required to prevent the migration of people from those places so that they can get the opportunity of job without moving from there.Conclusion:National crisis of unemployment affects a huge population ofIndia especially a youth generation who are the future leader of our country.

Thus the result of unemployment comes in the form of non development of nation.Though government has taken too many steps regarding to remove this problemfrom India but still could not be able to get complete success. It’s time forpeople of India along with government to be come together and face this problemwith unity.  


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