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In every people’s life, passion is the most powerful force that drags us to make the impossible things as well as to hold on to some things which we should have let go.

In the poem written by William Wordsworth, he showed his emotional passion towards someone he really loved and/or admired which depicted a reflection of all his experiences that built such passion inside of him. William’s genius mind caused him to compose such simplistic but striking poems which no one of these times could ever think of and thus an example of his work which exposed his passion is his poem entitled Lucy, Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known.Thesis William’s poem is a kind of simple and rhetorical poem which tends to narrate his past experience of his passion for the woman he loved. His statement about the strange “fits of passion” in which he said he dared not to tell it to anybody else but lovers meant that the only person who is allowed to explore his emotional passion and in whom he is sure that what he expresses will be understood is a certain person who felt love the way he did. Analysis Lucy, Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known basically narrates a story of a past experience on passion and love for a certain woman.

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In the first stanza of the poem, the author who is said to be the narrator begins reminiscing his past and that he is willing to narrate his past experience to those who can hear on a lover’s ears which means that the only people who could really understand what his heart meant by his word on the poem are those who already felt passion of love or those who already experienced such passion for a certain person (Wordsworth). Through and through as the narrator goes continuing his story, he remembered how the woman he loved looked like for him.He defined his love one as a fresh rose which showed how strong or intent his passion was for the woman he loved.

The narrator also considered Lucy as a creation which can be compared to the evening moon. He compared Lucy to the evening moon because he feels like Lucy is the one that brighten up his world whenever the evening comes and start to cover the sky with darkness and thus that Lucy is like a moon which he loves to stare at. This poem is written in the year 1790s when Wordsworth started to write for the edition of his book which is the Lyrical Ballads.This poem simply concerns about the death of the narrator’s love Lucy (Wordsworth). Structures of the Poem Rhetoric There are lots of rhetorical parts in Wordsworth’s poem such as the connection between the narrator’s love who is Lucy, the cottage where Lucy lives, and the moon.

A certain reader would analyze the meaning of the three premise’s connection such as what does the connection between the disappearances of the moon to Lucy’s death mean (Wordsworth).The rhetorical explanation of the moon would be that the moon depicts the Narrator’s love one, Lucy, and thus Lucy’s death depicts the lost of the narrator’s sight of the moon. In simple words, when Lucy died, it seems like the narrator’s moon was lost too because Lucy was the narrator’s moon. This rhetorical structure basically used the moon as a symbol object wherein the moon’s characteristics are just like Lucy’s characteristics and that the moon’s worth to the narrator is as much as Lucy’s worth (Wordsworth).Another rhetorical part is the connection of the narrator’s eye which is said to be fixed at the moon’s sight.

This rhetorical part shows or depicts the connection of the narrator’s eye when it was fixedly staring at his love Lucy wherein the moon is considered as a symbol of Lucy whom the narrator loves to stare at. Lastly is when the author said that he could tell the story only to a lover’s ears which means that the narrator addresses the story of his past to those who already felt love or to those who currently feel in loved (Wordsworth).

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