Under ran down the cobbled streets, underneath

Under the large white moon, a raven haired girl sat on the steeple of the church. In her hands, a large leather-bound book. She surveyed the page beneath her, whispering the words to herself. She finished reading the page, and looked down onto the street below her.

She saw Jack, drunkenly stumbling along the streets, and leaped from the tower, suppressing a grin.— Jack ran down the cobbled streets, underneath the shadows of darkness. He had been out sharing a drink with his colleagues and was now quietly wondering about where he was. He wanted to get home as soon as possible to his daughter, Jillian who was home alone. Jack was a tall, skinny man, with white-blonde hair and dark, sullen eyes.

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As he stumbled, and grabbed lampposts or street railings to stop himself from falling, he realised that he was on the bad side of town. The sky was unusually dark, there were no bright stars lighting up the night. Pop. Pop. Pop.Slowly, he ground to a standstill.

In succession, the light in each street lamp post fizzled slightly and then burned completely out, draining the life and warmth from the dark, grimy street. The world around Jack went completely silent. It was as if the earth was holdings it breath. Suddenly, Jack heard something.

.. “Jack and Jill…” A young, and beautiful but melancholy sounding voice echoed around the street, reverberating softly. The voice, though melodic, had a malicious hint to it.”Went up the hill.

..”The beautiful music seemed as though it was coming from the ruins of the cathedral, just across the street from where Jack was standing.  Like he was hypnotised Jack started running in the cathedral’s direction, stumbling and tripping. The singing had put him in a trance.”to fetch a pail of water.

..” The remains of the old clock-tower were sinister and ancient. The dismal ground was crawling with rats and insects. As if he was in a trance, Jack pushed open the iron gates. They opened with a loud squeal. He stumbled into the menacing ruins. The crucifix on the steeple looked more like an instrument of sacrifice than a symbol of religion.

Behind the cross, the moon hung ominously in the sky as if it was waiting, watching. Over the steep stairs up to the almost-ruined bell tower the raven haired girl was waiting for Jack. Laughing a haunting laugh, she watched Jack stagger into the abandoned church ground , entranced by the music. “Jack fell down…”The raven-haired girl sang as she jumped forwards onto Jack.

Jack fell down – his agonized shouts shattering the silence of the frosty winter air as he met his untimely, and unfortunate end. “And broke his crown…”—Jillian, a 14 year old light-haired girl abruptly awoke. She’d heard a loud scream and was instantly awoken from her slumber. “Father?” she cried, her voice almost silent against the loud patter of raindrops hitting the window.

It was a turbulent night, lightning streaking across the horizon. She was afraid. Her dad, Jack had been gone for two days now.

She glanced towards her door desperately, and that was when she caught sight of it. A note. Pinned to the large wooden door with a knife. It read: You are Jill, and he is Jack.

Come to the clock tower to get him back.Jillian jumped out of bed, and threw on clothes and ran towards the ruins of the clock tower. She prayed that she would find her father. Silently, the raven haired girl, sat on the top of the clock tower. She evilly giggled to herself, watching the girl run across the streets, and in a high cruel voice began to softly sing.

“And Jill came tumbling after…” Cruel laughter echoed across the ruins and finally, the piercing scream of a young girl.—The raven haired grinned to herself as she opened her leather-bound book of fairytales.

The page reading: The Tale Of Jack and Jill had a crimson check mark displayed in the right hand corner of the page. She turned to the next page. The next sacrifice.  She whispered the lines of the next story. The raven girl smiled maliciously as she look down onto the stone-paved streets to see young, pretty Mary walking down the street, her little lamb walking alongside her…


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