Plagiarism for refund of their money. The

Plagiarism is the unintentional or conscious unaccredited copying of a writer’s work by another. It is derived from a Latin word, which literally means ‘kidnapping’.

It was earlier used to describe pirates who were involved in stealing children. Indeed, plagiarism is stealing; in other words, it is piracy of the art of writing. This can be intentional or unintentional.

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It is a crime. It is therefore important that writers must avoid plagiarism; this can only be achieved when they are aware of how to identify it.Since no man is an island in the world of vast knowledge, there would be need to use others ideas in a write-up. In such situations, proper referencing needs be done. The simple way is avoid it is stick to be original and be creative! There are quite a number of reasons why works submitted to customers must be not plagiarized. It shows to the customer that the writer of such work is either unserious or a fraudulent person.

It also shows the company does not have any safeguard measures or quality assurance section where writers’ works are scrutinized before being sent to the customers.This erodes customer’s trust in the company. Customers are annoyed when they discover this crime and usually ask for refund of their money. The implication of this is that such a valued customer is lost. The distrust created dissuades such customers from patronizing again; there is reduced customer loyalty.

Every one is a network to others around them: if they have experienced disappointment of a gross magnitude as epitomized by plagiarism, there is high tendency they would not come back and would not refer people to the company because of fear of recurrence.The Company loses its credible image. This is why it is important to create a quality check on every work, so that plagiarized works do not get to the customers because of concomitant unfavorable outcomes.

Writers must ensure 100% non-plagiarized works; this is achieved by study, knowledge and experience. I would feel very terrible and cheated for any reason if my work is plagiarism because such writers would have got credit for what he did not work for. Really, I would feel very disappointed in such a person, and pity their future.This is because no matter how far they rise with their short cuts, they would be caught one day, and nemesis would deal severely with them.

Such people really should not be allowed within the academic community for they do not represent the icon of academic prowess and integrity. If they are not caught in time, and handed severely they would continue to perpetuate their evil, and make study and research a useless adventure. Nothing needs to stress it further that plagiarism is theft; it is stealing.My opinion as to what disciplinary action you feel would be appropriate in response to an act of plagiarism committed by a student in a professional program: such students should first be made to realize that such acts are wrong and the right path elucidated. Then, the degree for which such work or art or study is written should be suspended until series of other works are written without plagiarism. Until then, that degree should not be awarded.

This would teach the culprit a lesson, and drive him/her to be creative and original.

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