uckland Energy Consumer Trust formed Mercury Energy

uckland Energy Consumer Trust formed Mercury Energy Limited
in 1994 however, it’s retail division was sold to Mighty River Power after
Auckland Energy Crisis in 1998. The government has 51% stake in the company.
Mercury energy, previously known as Mighty River Power (MRP), was relaunched by
MRP to give a fresh approach to benefit the kiwi consumer and New Zealand from
renewable energy and to match with the rapid growing technology. Company’s name
was changed to Mercury NZ Limited in July 2016. Mercury relates to banks such
as ANZ Bank, ASB Bank, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ Bank of New Zealand and
Westpac for smoother transaction and smooth payments from customer side. It has
7 board of directors Joan Withers, Prue Flacks, Andy Lark, James Miller, Keith
Smith, Patrick Strange and Mike Taitoko. With its Executive Team Fraser
Whineray who is Chief Executive, Kevin Angland General Manager of Digital
Services, Nick Clarke General Manager of Geothermal, Phil Gibson General
Manager of Hydro & Wholesale, Julia Jack Chief Marketing Officer, William
Meek Chief Financial Officer, Tony Nagel General Manager Corporate Affairs,
Matt Olde Metrix Chief Executive, Marlene Strawson General Manager for People
& Safety. Howard Thomas Investor Relations & Sustainability Enquiries
Tim Thompson Head of Treasury & Investor Relations.   It is a
power company that generates and retails electricity in New Zealand. It
generates electricity by making use of the renewable resources like geothermal
energy and hydropower. It’s not limited to just electricity, but also deals
with gas and solar energy. Today, Mercury is running 14 power stations, 2
geothermal joint ventures, 10 community and commercial partnerships, 4 formal
iwi partnerships and it is in fact the largest geothermal energy generator in
New Zealand. Most of the power which is generated is through renewable sources
and generates more than enough to supply 850,000 homes with 403k smart meters
all over New Zealand. It covers residential, commercial and industrial areas.
Where Mercury want to be a leading power brand of New Zealand to share
wonderful experiences. Overall it has 16 partnership 392k customers of which
345,653 are residential 41,167 commercial, 2,073 industrial and 2,819 spots. It
has 2,181 solar customers of which 601 in Auckland, 92 in Hamilton, 18 in
Taupo, 59 Rotorua and 100 in rest of New Zealand and 243 customers on EV

According to the CEO, to become a global superpower in
renewable energy; growing technologies should be embrace by switching to
electric vehicles and harnessing renewable energy. To inspire people to follow
the same, the company has switched almost 54% of its vehicles to electric
vehicles. Moving towards E-bikes, Hybrid cars using solar panels at home will
create opportunities for country so does the current campaign of mercury is all
about E-bikes and solar panels. The bee logo of the company symbolises to do
something wonderful by optimising and making the world a better place with it
electricity. (Ricki, 2016) it has earned a good
media support by earned media through Campaign brief, I stuff, NZ herald etc. It
has 870 employees of which 361 are females and 509 males. The brand basically
has 3 Products which it deals in its daily activities that is Electricity, GAS
and Solar along with its prepay power which is associated with GLOBUG. (mercury annual report, 2017)

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Mercury a Brand:
mercury companies’ product is the brand to its customer which makes it unique
from the other brand in the industry. it is widely known for its clean and
green renewable resources with the best Electricity services. it has a GEM
service which helps to monitor and control the usage of power. It gives a daily
as well as weekly usage report, which tells a projected monthly cost of the
bill the usage details are very precise. It also gives a comparison with your
last month bill and the last year same month bill which tells you how efficient
you have used electricity. Mercury also gives a head up if the bill of the
current month is much higher than the average. It also gives savings tips like
switching off the power button when appliances are not in use with other many
tips and tricks to save power.

The standard
plan of mercury for the electricity and gas are 10% to 12% prompt payment
discount. The prices do vary according to the fixed term contracts. It also
does price plan review every year who are not in contract to continue their
great service and loyalty towards company. Basically, the bill comprises of
Variable charges which mentions the unit per kilo watt used and Fixed day
charges those are the line charges charged by the local company for e.g. Vector
or united networks who does the maintenance of lines. Mercury also gives a dual
fuel discount when customers connect their Gas lines with power and gives the
PPD. It’s newer product solar is also running well in the market as customer
can quote mercury energy for the best plan which they might get where the basic
packages start with $4995 which generates 1593 Kwh per year. It has micro,
mini, mighty, mega and storage solar panels which varies for the customer
according to their bill for as low as $100 to $350+. The GEM feature of mercury
helps to track the produce, export, consume and saving from the solar panels.

Mercury is a
proud member of EV100 which helps to reduce its carbon emission by supporting Electric
transport and does the affiliated promotion of E-cars for brands and model such
as Nissan leaf, Audi A3 E-TRON, BMW I3, MISTUBISHI OUTLANDER, VOLVO XC90 where
it gives package of as low as 30cents per litre which will cost you for the
charging of these cars. Where the cars are luxuries, mileage and space efficient.
It also does E-bikes as it connected with E-retailers and gives a $500 off on
its purchase with variety of E-bikes according to one’s preferred style.   

GLOBUG: Mercury not only offers post pay service, but it
also does prepay electricity service that is similar like how we do with prepay
mobile plans. To use this service the customers can always go to online website
www.globug.co.nz it also has its own application on the app store as it
supports IOS, Android and Microsoft. mercury also has very low power
disconnection because of the late payment which is 0.07% which is the lowest
compared to its competitors. There is also no extra reconnection or late fee
charged by the company. Even if the power goes off the customers can repay and
just on the power by pressing the button which is on the meter. A special
different meter is being given to these customers. The customers are
recommended to switch to GLOBUG power if they have bad credit history or find
difficulty regarding the payments. They also set a budget advisor for people
who need it. The app is always kept up to date with fixing up the bugs and make
it much easier for customers. The app also helps to keep a track on the power
usage where customers know and can control the usage of electricity. The
company keep a close eye and considers medical and vulnerable customers who are
always dependent on the power and did call each customer with these case in the
time of Kaikoura earthquakes which was last year in the month of November. The
company also keeps it customer privacy details where it does not give it to the
other person until and unless they do not cross check with their full name, contact
details and their birth date.



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