U.S employment opportunities. But looking at the statistics


S President Donald Trump recently singed an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth 350Billion $. It includes missiles worth 15bilion dollars. This is the biggest military deal done in the history of United Stats. World renowned military contractors such as Boeing, Raytheon, Locked Martin and General Dynamics are the weapon manufacture companies who will be importing highly sophisticated arms to Saudi Arabia. Justifine the deal president Trump stated that it will create more employment opportunities.

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But looking at the statistics all the Boeing company have been able to increase their revenue by 55billion last couple of years. They have cut-down their works by 15thousand. Concerning that we can identify the president Trumps statement was not 100percent true. There are some other economic and political importance behind this arms deal. One argument is that this deal will build up strong bond between the two governments and it will bring the opportunities for US co-operations to invest in Saudi Arabia.

From US prospective it will be more profitable for them. Concerning about Saudi Arabia currently there is a fare amount of youth unemployment. Saudi have to develop some thing rather than depending on Petrolatum. The US investors will create jobs in Saudi and it will be more profitable for them as well. Further more we have to identify the Geo-Political fact behind this arms deal. Currently there is a great amount of tension building up between Saudi Arabia and and Iran. The civil war in Yemen is been seen in the Mideast as a Proxy war between Saudi and Iran.

Saudi is supporting the government of Yemen as Iran supports the Huthi rebels. There are difference in the political ideologies in Iran and Saudi as well Iran has a more Pro-Communist policy as Saudi is a Center-Right nation. This current cold war happening between the two military powers of the region will be more profitable for the weapon manufactures. US government have identified the rising tension between Saudi and Iran to get in to this massive arms deal.

Concerning the financial states this deal will be more profitable for United States and their weapon manufacture companies.             


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