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Word Count: 976The Catcher in the Rye, by J.

D. Salinger. The Catcher in the Rye is about Holden Caulfield.

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Just four days before the winter vacation Holden is kicked out from Pencey prep. School. He is kicked out from school for not passing most of his classes, except English class. Being alone bored out of his mind and not know what to do. Holden decides to go to New York by train. For about 3 days, and stay in a cheep hotel. Just to relax by himself till Wednesday.

While Holden was at New York Holden smokes, gets drunk, goes to bars and tries to pick up females at a bar. While he tries to get drunk at most places he needs to lie about his age, also at the same time Holden shows how immature he is by the way he is talking to the three females at the bar. Also while staying at New York, Holden talk a lot about his little sister Phoebe. Holden goes to a Broadway, to buy a record for his little sister. Holden goes to a record store to waist some time before his date with Sally. Holden was suppose to meet Sally so they can go see a play together. After the play Holden goes to an ice skating ring with Sally, but they end up sitting in side and talking. Holden starts a conversation.

Asking Sally: If she ever got fed up? And then Holden starts to tell her how this world is such a bad place and that all the adults are getting corrupted. And that when he (Holden) will be able to stop the kids from growing up he will be able to prevent the kids innocences and from growing up and save the world. In other words, threw out of the book Holden talks about his problems and how he feels about the world.

At the end of the book Holden goes to the park and watches his little sister Phoebe on the coracle. And how he wishes that he could prevent Phoebe from learning bad things that she could see on the graffiti that is drawn on the walls.I think that Holden Caulfield is a very unique teenager because he is a very ill person, yet at the same time he is very bright human being. Even though he is being kicked out of a lot of prep.

schools. I think the reason why Holden is being kicked out of many schools is because he has no role models or any one to turn to. Yes, not even to his family.

The reason why Holden cant turn to his family is because his younger brother Allie is dead, older brother D.B. is in Hollywood, and his parents are probably very disappointed in him for getting kicked of so many prep. schools. And his little sister Phoebe is still little and doesnt know much more then Holden does. I think that the fact that Holden has no one to turn to played a big part in his life. I mean like for me my family means a lot.

Also the other reason why I liked Holden as a character was because the way he is talking about the museum I think he is using it as a metaphor for his past. And the way he is talking about his little sister Phoebe on the coracle he is using it as a metaphor like it is the future. In other the coracle can only move forward and not back words. That probably means that Holden is trying to forget about his past and just look forward.

The other thing that I like about Holden is that he is ready to do any thing for the kids, especially his little sister Phoebe. I mean the way he talks about the record that he goes and buys for her. The way that he talks about her in general, or the way he goes to the park and tries to see if she is there. I think that it is great that Holden cares so much about the younger population because this is what it is all about.

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