Two New York. Bryce met some friends

Two days have passed, but there’s still not a single call from Bryce.

Juli was patiently waiting for it. She doesn’t lose hope and thinks positively in everything. She’s still holding on Bryce’s promise to her. She kept waiting until one day, she received a phone call.”Hello? It’s me, Bryce.

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Juli, I’m sorry I didn’t call you the day we arrived here. It’s just that we got really busy here.” Bryce said hurriedly, while catching up his breath. It seems like he’s doing something.

 “Oh yeah, it’s.. it’s okay Bryce! D-don’t worry, I’m doing great here.

How about you? Are you alright there?” Juli said in excitement. After that, Bryce explained what happened there, in New York. Juli is full of overwhelming emotions on what he has told her.

She would say that it’s her dream to go in New York someday. Bryce’s really lucky because he already experienced what it’s like in New York. Bryce met some friends in their neighborhood in New York. The climate is really hot humid and there are really so many people. Literally. It is a busy place for many people and you will experience a lot there. It’s like a big amusement park, which you can only see the unique distinctions of human. He also met young and amazing people.

Some of his new friends attends in prestigious schools. One of the first friends he made while staying in New York is Louis. He’s a star football player and has a lot of achievements too. Bryce met Louis because they are neighbors and Louis was also nice to him.

 Bryce’s parents wanted him to take summer classes, while her sister is going to a summer school for music and arts. For instance, they decided that they will enroll Bryce to a football training camp with Louis. They decided that it would be a good start for him.

 Bryce was really enjoying a lot, he almost forgot that there’s Juli, still waiting for his calls. It’s been two days, while Juli’s just at home, taking care of her chickens, plants, and most of all the sycamore tree. How could she even forget about it? It was the most wonderful things she ever received from Bryce.

It was 10 in the morning when she heard a knock on the door. It was Sherry Stalls. She was surprised to saw Sherry because first of all, she’s not friends with her and she had a misunderstanding with her before. Juli as a kind hearted person still insisted to let her in.


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