Twenty a marketing cooperative. PCDO staff taught the

Twenty one (21) owners of different water refilling stations in Sta. Cruz, Laguna gathered themselves to form their association Waters Marketing Cooperative.

The group attended the Basic Cooperative Orientation Seminar conducted by the Provincial Cooperative Development Office (PCDO) on November 23, 2012 at the Blessed Community Hall at Barangay Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, Laguna. The seminars aimed to unite all water station owners within the town and get them oriented on the benefits and advantages of transforming into a marketing cooperative. PCDO staff taught the participants on coop fundamentals like its history, values, principles, types of cooperative, rights and responsibilities of the members, and others.

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Chairman of the Water Stations Association, Mr. Oscar Ortanez, made the activity possible by coordinating with PCDO. The group envisions forming a cooperative being managed by the owners of water refilling stations within the Sta.

Cruz area and to encourage proprietors of the said business to be active members of the cooperative. The Orientation seminar will be followed by the Pre-Membership Education Seminar on January 23, 2013.


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