Turning a falling organization around


It is very important for remedial measures to be undertaken so as to decrease the impact of the change on the organization as well as to search for turnaround on the present day tendency lines devoid of distancing more, the on hand or able personnel that I presently have, in the confines of a company that is experiencing a downhill twirl, after joining the organization as a recently employed manager who has been incorporated into a failing section or division of the said company. Therefore, it is very necessary for me to reverse this downward trend by stimulating the awareness of the products that are sold as being additionally striking, up to date as well as practical, since it is stated that not only is the organization losing out on its market share, but the line of the merchandise is considered as being obsolete as well.

An enhanced approach on marketing that is additionally dynamic is the only way to attain this goal. The institution may only accomplish something by decreasing the brunt that may be formed due to the fact that the inter-departmental interactions are competitive or rather operate like adversaries. For the organization to run as an entity as well as to wholly comprehend the prospective of the power that is wielded by a unified entity that may work as a team, it is vital for the hurdles encountered in communication to be broken down. By compelling all the concerned groups as well as convincing them that a lot may be gained by each person or unit if they all cooperate with each other, I will be able to achieve this.

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Downhill trends are common place in organizations and are caused by diverse factors that may affect operations of the company mostly negatively. It is best to approach the issue of turning a failing organization around cautiously, as several factors have to be considered when tackling the problem.

The most effective approach involves identification of the problem, put into consideration all the potential solutions, selecting the best resolution and coming up with a plan to make it occur, developing and implementing the resolution and lastly follow up and support.

Plan for change

As a matter of fact, nothing can be achieved in an organization without a plan. A plan brought forward by the manager needs to identify some of the predicaments being encountered within the organization as well as the strategies to counteract this shortfall.

The plan to be developed depends at large on the vision of the manager within the new organization for the division. A plan for change has to be developed in order for a business to attain its set goals and objectives. Therefore, there is need to face this short, things may have been going on well in the recent past, but at present things aren’t going on well as expected thus posing a threat to the organization.

In any other case, according to Parker (2011), the organization may not be so ominous regarding its downward trend. But all in all, without a plan for change to counteract these problems, the set goals and objectives within the organization will never be attained (Parker, 2011, p. 89).

Organizational problems addressed

Some of the organizational predicaments that have been known to cause a downward trend within a business include adversarial communication, outdated product lines and competition for internal resources.

As Burchard (2011) observed, these problems have been attested to be the major causes of a downward trend within a business (p. 73). This poses a great hazard to the business. Therefore my plan for change will base on the three problems that have been identified.

Managing transition

There is need for managing transitions to counteract these problems. First and foremost, I will have to start by addressing the problem of adversarial communication. This is because communication within the organization is what determines the whole presentation of the business. As a new manager, this is the moment to be not only frank but also sincere with the employees. There is need to inform the employees that things have to change within the organization. All the employees within the organization have to be assured of better performance. As the new manager of the organization, I have an obligation to unmistakably outline the best goals. I will also be required to come up with what needs to be done for both meeting of the objectives and for the organization to succeed.

I will emphasize on cooperation among the employees of the organization. This is because cooperation is necessitated for the success of the organization. Research by Robbins and Coulter (2005) shows that joint team work ensures that all the activities within the different departments are done effectively as per the requirements (Robbins & Coulter, 2005). Being the manager, I need to oversee all that goes on within the organization. I am responsible to all the other members of staff. The performance of the employees will be determined by my presentation as the head of the organization. Therefore, direction and vision are very important acts that enable each and every member of the organization to focus on the most desired goals. Through this, benchmarks with which to compare against can also be set.

As a matter of fact, I would recommend performance of the same things within the company as the situation is seemingly very similar. The personnel need to be conversant with the status of the business as well as the inopportune fact that it may possibly be essential to make cuts to improve on the business. The employees need to be encouraged for the purpose of making better decisions whilst taking on a more proactive responsibility in the near future. With performing this, I am convinced that I will be able to turn this failing division in a company especially on the part of adversarial communication.

Similarly, given that the product line is outdated, there is need to acquire the required education for the purpose of creation and selling of new products and services within the organization. Some people consider the change from the old organization to a new one as being easy. However, the change necessitates a certain level of management. As a new manager of the company, I need to come up with some steps to manage the change from old organization to a new organization.

Basing on the fact that change is imminent for the business to attain its goals, it will be a necessity for the creation of project teams having the most skilled individuals serving as the leaders of the project. I will be required to unmistakably outline what is to be done by means of examining each and every process at present and identifying those processes that would serve the business well if they were modified or eradicated. As the coordinator of all the activities, I will be required to identify not only production but also service areas which are capable of being consolidated for the purpose of reducing redundant tasks. This however is not enough to turn a failing business.

There is need to address a problem of competition for internal resources. I will have to come up with ways to ensure that the company is financially stable. The stability of the company financially will be of great imperative to the company. This is because more resources will have to be added within the organization to meet not only the employees but also the customers’ demands.

External environment assessment

In order for a business to achieve the set goals, the managing transition of the problems encountered should not be the end of the road. The manager needs to assess the external environment in the locality where the business is situated. Generally, the achievement of the set goals and objectives can successfully be accomplished by performance of a market study that necessitates its comparison against what the business was selling some times back in order to determine what the business ought to be doing that is different in order to increase the sales. As Lencioni (2002) stated, this will be of great benefit to a business (p.

93). Just after outlining the tasks and goals to each and every member of staff, it is very important to carry out the tasks in an opportune, efficient and productive way and making sure those services or goods of the best quality are offered at each and every time. Research by Light and Kiddon (2009) maintains that at each and every time, it is imperative to communicate effectively with both the employees and customers equally to make sure that they are of progress (Light & Kiddon, 2009). There is also need to keep a positive attitude at each and every time and be assertive for the purpose of meeting the deadlines according to the plan. I also have to organize what I need to do at present and after changing to the new organization from the old organization.


In conclusion I would recommend an individual who is the manager to effectively and efficiently organize what has to be done both presently and in future, it is necessitated to perform the steps that I have outlined as follows. First and foremost one has to identify the problem, put into consideration all the potential solutions, select the best resolution and come up with a plan to make it occur, develop and implement the resolution and lastly follow up and support.


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