Tropical is no eagle it can fly up

Tropical rainforest by Daniel Calderon                       Consumers Consumers eat other animals for example the harpy eagle the apex predator in the rain forest.The harpy eagle eats monkeys sloths and howler monkeys.

The harpy eagle is no eagle it can fly up to fifty miles per hour which is one of its adaptions. The harpy eagle is the hawk of the rainforest it glides down into the trees and grabs its prey.                  Producers                                                   Pitcher plantsDid you know the pitcher plant lures bugs into its pitcher and uses acid to digest the bugs. Pitcher plants give nutrients back to the soil tp make it better.                                           Venus fly trapThe Venus fly trap looks like an ordinary plant but its not. The fly trap lures bugs into its mouth and then closes its mouth and digests it with acid.            Helpful decomposers                                           Mushrooms Mushrooms eat dead plants and animals. Mushrooms are normally in groups but sometimes they are all alone.

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The mushrooms get rain from the rainforest. One of the adaptations of the mushroom is blending in with their surroundings.                                             Acorn weevil Acorn weevils like to eat acorns. Did you know acorn weevils drill holes into acorns and lay their eggs inside.

When the eggs hatch the larvae eat the acorn.       People in the rainforest Scientists believe the cure for cancer can come from the rainforest. The people that live in the rainforest are four foot five to four foot eleven no more than that. These people paint their faces                      As a tribe. When hunting in the rainforest they use a bow and take poison from a dart frog to poison the animal. The geosphere would be the mist in the air biosphere animals plants and trees atmosphere the air in the sky the hydrosphere water in the soil.            Energy pyramid First Grass transfers energy to the sloth and the monkey.

Then the monkey transfers energy to the puma. Next the sloth transfers energy to the tiger. After the puma transfers energy to the harpy eagle.

Finally the tiger also transfers energy to the harpy eagle.              Bizarre plantsThe biggest flower in the world is the raffilisa its three feet wide. The raffilisa smells like rotten meat.

This plant weighs thirty three pounds or fifteen kilograms its red with white dots on it. The smell helps it attract bugs and reproduce its self.                                        The pitcher plantThe pitcher plant is about one foot tall.

The pitcher plant has 0.5 gallons of liquid in them to digest the insect. The edges are slippery so the insects fall in to the pool of liquids to kill the bug.                 Food chain First the sun gives light to the orchids. Then the orchids get eaten by the humming bird.

Next the snake eats the humming bird. After the tiger eats the snake. Finally the bugs digest the tiger.       Slowly disappearing The rainforest is slowly disappearing because of farms and pollution and animals are and dying you can help them by planting trees and stop cutting them down.


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