Triangular merus 3 times as long as broad

Triangular rostrum in length shortand variable, not reaching more than middle of visible part of first antennulararticle ; rostral carina low, rounded, extending past posterior end of orbitalhoods; orbitorostral grooves shallow, at times non-existent.

Second antennulararticle almost twice as long as broad and 1.5 times as short setiferous bristles; stylocerite broadwith  tip acute which  reaches up to the end of firstantennular article and   on lateral margins short stiff setiferousbristles. The outer margins of scaphocerite slightly convex, broad squamousportion, equals lateral tooth, in some cases longer. Carpocerite and antennular peduncle of same length;unarmed basicerite ; large chela big and  heavy, 2.3times as long as broad,superior saddle broad and shallow ;theproximal and distal shoulders gently round in shape;shallow medial palmar depression ; triangular  in shape with the  apex reaching to middle of palm, palmardepression  in the lateral side a littledeeperwhich  is quadrangular and reaches to the  linea impressa; rounded  inferiorshoulder at right angles to margin; the inferior notch that continues on thelateral area in a  slightlly triangulardepression, does not  appear on medial face.

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Inferior margin carrying onmedial side a longitudinal groove arising in proximal third of palm and extendingalmost to inferior shoulder where it turns upward; well dveloped plunger; merus a little  longer than broad,  and is unarmed; small chela sexuallydimorphic: male having the  typicalbalaeniceps dactylus.          Chela  of male 4.5 times as long as broad, in length fingersequals to palm; sculpturing seen  similartothat of large the  chela but much less pronounced. Crest of hairson margins of dactylus cross superior surface proximal to curved acute tip; flattened areaconspicuously triangular; proximally pollex bearing fringe of setae; merus 3 times aslong as broad and unarmed; chela of  female5.3 times as long as wide, fingers exceeds 1.2 times length of palm.; palm withslighttraces of superior saddle and inferior shoulder; merusof female similar to that of male; second leg with ratio of carpal articles:10:(4-8):2:2:3.

third leg Ischium often with no spine; merus inermous, 5 times as longas broad; carpus 0.5 as long as merus with superior margin projecting butrounded; length of propodus 0.8 as long as merus and have 7 stout spines on inferior margin and a distalpair ;propodus also bearing tufts of short stiff setae inrows on either face near row of spines and a third row near superior margin on medialface; dactylus 0.

4 as long as propodus, slightly curved  and spatulate; bears tufts of setae similar to propodus nearsuperior and inferior margins; broad telson, 1.3times as broad anteriorly as posterioriy and 1.4 times as long asposterior margin is broad; slightly convex lateralmargins, strongly convex posterior margins, small superior and posterolateral spines. 


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