Tree Data Export to PDF, Excel and PNG:

Tree Table is a Java Script widget which is the correct choice when you need to combine JavaScript Table and DataTree functions in one widget. This combo structure share certain property of DataTable, such as filtering and data export to Excel, PNG and PDF. The same as TreeView, it provide data visualization in a hierarchical manner and restores the saved widget state. HTML5 TreeSet can be added to your Angular or JQuery project.treeTable plugins: Here is the brief about some of the plugins treeTable provided us.1.

Edi Tree Table : Tree Table supports the full range of manipulations with the grid. You can easily edit its contents by clicking on one of the cells, selecting from a list with the help of a drop down menu, or select/deselect necessary items through the use of checkboxes.2.Saving Current State : You can easily save the current state of the JavaScript TreeGrid in order to return to it later with the help of two built-in one-click functions.3. Select Modes in Javascript TreeSet: TreeSet allows you to specify different types of selections with the helps of the following availables mode: cell, row, column, multi-cell, multi-row, multi column, and block selection.4.

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Data Export to PDF, Excel and PNG: This JavaScript Tree Table component allows exporting data to PDF, PNG and Excel file types for further processing. You can also defines the appearance of the export table by configuring various server-side options.5. Checkbox: Besides the items selection, you can use checkboxes in the TreeGrid component. This features help to select multiple items for edit or remove them all at once.

6. Filterings: Tree Table supports client-side filtering. You can either use built in filter or define custom ones. According to the types of data present in your table, you can use one of the available filters: date filter, number filter, richselect filter, multicombo filter, etc.7. Clipboard: Clipboard support allows you to copy and paste items within the Tree Table component as well as to other components. This feature works in several modes such as Block, Selection, and Repeat Copying.Feature of treeTable:Browsers CompatibilityJavaScript treegrid actively supports all popular browsers.

The widget runs effectively on IE10, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari.Ready for Touch DevicesJavaScript treegrid allows the implementation of various touch events on your website. The mobile apps created with TreeTable’s participation look and operate ideally on all touch devices.Support for Popular Data FormatsTree Table allows loading data in XML, JSON formats and then using them freely with your existing web-services.Easy Styling with CSSThe appearance of the widget can be easily customized with CSS.Integration with FrameworksTreeGrid can be integrated with jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.js, Backbone.AccessibilityThe widget meets the main requirements of the WAI standards and presupposes equal access to web resources for people with diverse abilities.


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