Treatment of anti-inflammatory medication used are: 1.

Treatment Options for Crohn’s Disease According to the research, there is no heal from Crohn’s disease. The aim of the treatment is:a) To eliminate the dietary deficiency.

b) Reduce the inflammation (This is a condition causes redness, swelling, and a painful infection). c) It also leads to decline of symptoms like painful infection, blood loss, and diarrhea. The remission (It is period of Crohn’s when the disease is no longer effective which means painful symptoms do not exist) which takes a long time in Crohn’s disease. There are two types of treatments for this disease:• Anti-Inflammatory Crohn’s disease • SurgeryAnti-inflammatory medications for Crohn’s disease This medication is used for reduction of the inflammation in the intestine. Examples of types of anti-inflammatory medication used are:1. Corticosteroids: It is process in which the inflammation is reduced to a large extent without even any actual contact with the particularly affected tissues. But, the person who takes the medication for a long time can experience side effects as they might face sleeping problems, also this medication might increase their chances of getting other infections.2.

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5 Aminosalicylic acid compounds are operative in treating the inflammatory infections in the intestine lining. The examples of the medications are:• Sulfasalazine and Mesalamine: These are the medications used for treating the Crohn’s Calisto. These medications are used to reduce inflammations and sustain remissions. • Rowasa: This medication is used for treating the inflammation in and near the rectum.• Dipentum and Balsalazide: These capsules are linked by the chemical bond. It avoids the 5 ASA from being engrossed which helps to treat the inflammation in the colon.

These medications were commonly used earlier but their use has been restricted due to the side effects such as high fever, dizziness, and stomach infection.The Second type of anti-inflammatory medication is Antibiotics can lessen the amount of blood loss of the intestinal tube and ulcer in Crohn’s disease. It can also decrease the development of contaminations in the intestine. Immunosuppressant Medicines are the new prevailing medicines that overpower the immune system. There are two types of these medications as listed below. Immunomodulators are painkillers used to reduce the inflammation by decreasing the amount of the immune cells. Biosimilar Medications of Crohn’s disease: The painkillers made from similar medications that are previously clinically permitted.

This painkiller helps to avoid the reoccurrence of the symptoms. But it can lead to side effects like high temperature, joint pain. Diet While the diet may not be the reason for the Crohn’s disease, it may help to decrease painful symptoms which will promote healing.The doctor will recommend a diet which does not lead to blockage as it might cause severe pain.

Usually, the diet must be low in fiber and fat. The doctor might also recommend to limit to dairy products, drink plenty of liquids, and eat multivitamins.Surgery The surgery for Crohn’s disease is mainly used for:• Removal of the contaminated section of the small intestine that is causing obstruction.

• Separation of pus (it is greenish-yellowish liquid produced from infected tissues it contains the white blood cell) from the intestine.• Abstraction of the inner fistulae that is instigating infections.The surgeries depend upon the position of the Crohn’s disease, some of the common surgeries are listed below:• Small bowel resection: When one has an infection in small intestine then the affected portion of it is detached and is rejoined by the healthy portion of the large intestine. • Subtotal Colectomy: This surgery helps to remove the infection in the large intestine and rejoin the part with the healthy portion of the rectum.Risk Factor of Crohn’s DiseaseAgeSmokingDietFamily History


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