Trash, hearing this, Raphael knew he was

Trash, written by Andy Mulligan, is about three dumpsite boys named Raphael, Gardo and Rat. Their lives changed after Raphael finds a bag. In the bag, there was a wallet containing ?1100, papers, 2 photos of José Angelico’s daughter and an ID card. They also find a small key inside a folded map. The next day, the police came to the dumpsite saying that they had a “friend” who lost a bag.

They would pay ?10,000 to the person who finds it and ?1,000 to every family in Behala. After hearing this, Raphael knew he was in big trouble. His Auntie almost told the truth about Raphael’s findings.

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Fortunately, he was smart enough to lie. But the police became suspicious of him and his best friend, Gardo that they’ve decided to keep a close eye on them. The two best friends decide to hide it with their friend Rat for a few days. With the help of Rat, they find out that the key was for a small locker in the train station. They set out early morning to the train station to open the locker.

Inside, they find a letter waiting to be delivered for a prisoner sealed up in a brown envelope. Inside the letter was a very strange and mysterious code.


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