Trash the extent of which Humans produce

Trash and Wall-E show Environmental and Social issues and how they change (or might change) our lives.Throughout the novel Trash the author shows the effect of corruption through the struggles of a character. In Wall-E Environmental issues are again shown through the plot of the movie. The major film Wall-E shows us the extent of which Humans produce waste and what might happen to future generations if we don’t tackle this problem.

The bestselling book Trash displays corruption and lack of social justice and how people are being discredited for trying to achieve justice. One of the main themes explored in trash is corruption. This can be seen on page 12 when Gardo says “do you really think they’ll give it?”. This shows that Gardo doesn’t trust the police and that the police can be untruthful and corrupt. Another example can be seen on page 105 when Gabriel says “But the lawyers, I realised this way too late, had been bought.

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And they fed all my defense straight back to Mr Zapanta.” this shows that the Senator bribed the lawyers to tell him of what Gabriel was doing. Another Theme explored in trash is poverty. On page 3 Raphael says


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