Transgender , disrespected and feared.We fail to understand

Transgender is a community, which we have separated , disrespected and feared.We fail to understand that they are human beings.’ This is not simply the story of yestardays but brutally even of todays.

There are many amongst us who find it difficult even today to accept them and respect their truthfulness towards their identity. When they are being truthful to them.And dare enough to live their life as they want it. Let us learn to appreciate their courage to express themselves.

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In a democracy everyone has the right to  equal treatment. Yet our country accept discrimination against transgenders ,even when the law explicitly allows it.Since 2014 transgenders in India is allowed to change their gender and have a constitutional right to register themselves under a third gender. But the reality is harshly ignoring them despite of their rights which they have won . And this remains the main reason for us to see them in the positions of beggars and sex workers even in the so called metropolitan cities.Being a trandsgender is not a fault but  their identity. It is a high time for the society to accept and avoid sidelining them.

If you do not know what pronoun to use for them, ask them. And if you make mistake just apologise. They are humans like us. And a simple act of humanity like this can be a great gift for them.Our country has been a home for many transgenders.

This home has both good and bad memories for them to be remembered. Also the country will have many stories to tell us about them. Let us keep our ears and heart open to the stories of those daunting spirits who led themselves to live beyond the perceptions and discouragement from the society, friends and family. Today they have reached great heights , thereby proving that being a transgender is not a flaw or weakness but their identity. But all human beings being interdependant they require our acceptance.Also being human it is the duty of each and everyone to understand that society is made up of different kinds of people. And those who do not confirm to th norms also constitute an integral part of the mould. Being human and consideration for all is what matters.

Let our country be a peaceful home for all who are being true to their identity. And it is all about looking beyod differences and embracing humanity.


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