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Training and Development is an important aspect that must take place in most of the organization for the purpose of achieving the desired goals and objectives. Training of workers is frequently used as a means to address negative attitude and increase performance. Cowin (2002) stated that the complexity of modern jobs requires the workers to be properly trained than in the past. In other words, training and retraining is quite often necessary for new and existing workers in order to adapt with their new skills or jobs that rapidly and consistently changing with influx of new technologies. Hence, all organization must have a training program to ensure that their workers are introduced to the higher level of skills and knowledge. An adequate training should be seen as an essential aspect of the organizational training system where motivating individuals could gain more knowledge, skills, abilities and have good moral values (Ismail & Bongogoh, 2007). Hence, these positive outcomes may lead employees to achieve and support the organizations’ strategies and goals. However, inadequate or denial of workers participation in training program might lead them to develop poor attitude and perceptions that are against the overall goals and objectives of the organization. In addition, the larger the gap between the skills required to perform a task and the actual skills available for performing a task, the greater the lack of job satisfaction and the greater the increase in employee turnover within the organization. Moreover, poor performance reviews due to inadequate job training can produce dissatisfaction among employees and negative attitude (Truitt D.L 2012). The importance of giving adequate training to workers should be given attention, emphasized and concerned upon. The participation of worker in training programs has been identified as the major learning avenue for workers to improve and address negative perceptions and attitude at workplace. Rudman (1999) suggested that trainings tends to wider the workers mental and physical attitudes.


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