Toyota ensuring they source the right person for

Toyota EasternMotors is a company respected worldwide for producing the highest qualityvehicles at the lowest cost in a safe environment.

They achieve this byfollowing the principles of promoting mutual respect, living their values, andby maintaining an environment of continuous learning. To make safety andhealth the priority, they accept individual responsibility for theirown safety as well as others and to gain and hold their internal and externalcustomers’ respect and loyalty, they live by their philosophy that the”next process is our customer.” To achieve an environment where allteam members treat other with dignity, trust each other, and care about thework they do, they foster initiative and creativity. To demonstrate the highestethical standards in all interactions, they deliver on their commitments, admittheir shortcomings, and act as an environmentally, socially, and economicallyresponsible corporate citizen.

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To ensure the success of their company, eachteam member has the responsibility to work together, and communicate honestly,share ideas, and ensure team member understanding. They are inthe automobile business for the last 30 years before the establishment ofToyota Eastern Motors they were operating under the name of Sajjad Motors since1981 and handling Toyota & Suzuki business. Sajjad Motors (currently ToyotaEastern Motors) is located at Main University Road, Karachi, Pakistan. It wasafter an extra-ordinary sales performance over the period of 10 years and thewell-reputed personality of the chairman, Sajjad Motors was offered to be amongthe largest Toyota-Daihatsu 3S(Sales, Service, Spare Parts) Dealerships inPakistan by Indus Motors Company Limited.

It was an honor for them to be chosenamongst the best of the best of all time. The offer was honorably acceptedunder the name of Toyota Eastern Motors in the year 1991.Recruitment and Selection Process:At ToyotaEastern Motors experienced Human Resources team work closely with linemanagement carefully defining the selection criteria for the vacant roles,ensuring they source the right person for the vacant role. They believe ininternal and external recruitment both. Whether you are a recent graduate oralready have an awesome resume, if you are looking to make a difference then ToyotaEastern Motors is your right stop.The keyrecruitment and selection steps are outlined below:Application:Sources areinternal referrals, through advertisement, word of mouth, social mediacampaigns, website etc.

Applicationsconsist of CV detailing work history, copy of qualifications (where relevant)and a cover letter addressing the selection criteria.Selection:Applicationreviewed against set criteria. This step is often completed initially by arecruitment consultant before being forwarded to the Toyota Eastern Motors HRteam.·       First round is interview with HR andthe line manager at Toyota Eastern Motors premises. This interview will assessthe applicant’s ability across the key selection criteria.

·       Second round interview forshortlisted applicants will delve further into the complexity of the role andmay include a workplace assessment, where the applicant will be given time toassess a case study and present their recommendations.·       Some candidates are gone through manyinterviews according to the nature to job. For an example some managers will gothrough structured interviews, situational interviews and behavioraldescription interviews before they arrive to a final decision. ·       Reference checks all candidates arereference checked prior to starting with Toyota Eastern Motors. Suitablereferees are individuals with whom you have previously worked, preferably yourdirect manager. Further guidance will be provided when relevant.On boarding and Induction:Theapplicant will undergo an on boarding and induction phase where they will beintroduced to the Toyota Eastern Motors Way, Mindsets and Actions, ensuringthey gain a thorough understanding of how Toyota Eastern Motors operates atboth a strategic and operational level.People Organization Match:The ToyotaWay is first and foremost about culture the way people think and behave isdeeply rooted in the company philosophy and its principles.

At the core it isabout respect for people and continuous improvement and this has not changedsince the company’s founding that’s why they stay alert while hiring and hirepeople who best fit with their organization culture. PeopleMake the Difference:Onlythe most qualified candidates are selected as members of the Toyota EasternMotors Team. It helps make a world of difference knowing that you can deal witha member of the Toyota Eastern Motors Team who has a wealth of knowledge toshare – becoming your trusted automotive adviser. Everyone is fully schooled inand committed to our philosophy of maximum customer satisfaction.

The Highest in Service Standards:ToyotaEastern Motors team works together to ensure that the service provided to yourvehicle is nothing less than effective and efficient following all Toyotastandards and guidelines. The team does not “play games” when it comes to theircustomers and encourage feedback from their customers so that they know theirstrengths as well as their areas of development. They also have an open doorpolicy so that whether for service or sales their management team will alwaysbe here to address any concerns with which they are presented.Knowledgeable Service Technicians:We’vealready told you about our impressive line-up of Toyota vehicles; now let ustell you about our Toyota service department! We have a wide range of genuineparts. Our professional staff is factorytrained and can get you in and out quickly.

Through the years, ourstaff members have seen it all when it comes to cars so get in touch with usand get your car serviced. We have a professional Toyota Certified Technicians,so don’t trust your Toyota’s repair to just anyone, trust Toyota Eastern Motors.Recruitmentand selection and performance management are most crucial aspects of the fieldhuman resources management today.

Hence, Toyota Eastern Motors pay an immenseattention for these aspects. The company’s ultimate goal is to achieve the superiorprofit or performance. Toyota uses many advertisement methods to attractemployees to their company. News papers, magazine and social media are verypopular among them. Also internet recruiting is widely use as a recruitmentmethod.

Candidates can log to the Toyota web site and submit their resumes.This is a very effective and widely used method at Toyota. These applicationsare carefully reviewed and maintained in a job bank for future requirements.Further executive search firms are playing major role for the recruitment ofToyota. Especially key positions are recruited through executive search firms.Because of the extensive competition of the job market, this method is veryimportant for Toyota. Public employment agencies are also important for therecruitment process of Toyota.

In this method candidate can register at apublic employment agency and when a vacancy arise Toyota can recruit employeesthrough these public employmentagencies.            Further,Toyota has an equal opportunity policy and it is described that at therecruitment stage no candidate will be unfairly treated according to theirgender, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion orbelief, ethnic or national origin, or nationality. Toyota is one such companythat has given the due consideration for these human resources areas. The resultis that, Toyota is able to reach its peak of success in today’s business arena.Among many success factors, selecting appropriate recruitment and selectionprocesses and also utilizing effective performance management systems holdupmost positions.

Further, Toyota indicated its success consecutively besidemajor competitors like General Motors and Volkswagen. Toyota achieved thiscompetitive advantage through its best human resources practices likerecruitment and selection and performance management.    


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