Tourism with peace.Bishnupur:It is located in the Bankura

Tourism is the most important part in a state. A good places increases the tourists, the great the places more the benefits. West Bengal is very famous for its natural places like the forests, beaches, lakes, hills etc.

There are many astonishing places to visit in West Bengal. Kolkata is a glance if what the state is about. The place is famous for its delicious sweets and also famous for its elegant buildings. Major highlights of Kolkata are • Howrah bridge • Eden garden• Indian museum • Victoria memorial • Marble palace mansion  There are many more cities with amazing places, buildings etc. Some of those dynamite places are • Mandarmani beach• Jorebangla temple • Gate of old fort • Keibul lamjao• National park• Sunderbans• Talsari beach • Temple at chandaneswar• Darjeeling• Biharinath temple• Chandrakona• Jhargram • Garbeta• Hooghly• Kurseong is a great place it is also called as the “land of white orchids”. There are many hill stations in West Bengal. The place looks like a paradise with amazing locations, waterfalls, hills, mountains, forests.

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Kolkata:It is the most beautiful place of West Bengal. It is the other face which tell us what is West Bengal and how it be. The place is flourished with gardens, beaches, with great locations, views etc. The main highlight of the city is the Howrah bridge which showcases the states fine works.Mandarmani:It is the longest drivable beach found in India. It is an another game of West Bengal.

It is a correct location to watch the sunrise. The beach is so calm and gives us a pleasant feel. It is filled with peace.Bishnupur:It is located in the Bankura district. It is well known for ancient temples.

It’s kind off religious place to visit. Sunderbans:It’s an astonishing  example of the sites and places of West Bengal. The state is so grateful to have the largest mangrove forest. The place is liked by all and everybody likes to visit it. It also has a tiger reserve.Darjeeling:It is the most famous place in West Bengal. It looks so divine with the hills, it’s completely adorable.

The place has a nice climate and many visits there. The place even has several tea estates and it’s quite famous. It is fully filled with nature and gives calm and serenity to the visitors.


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