I During the years I played high school

I was asked to think back about something memorable and to write an essay about a lifes lesson learned.

In high school, soccer was very important to me. It was my favorite sport. My freshman year I decided to pick and focus on only one of the many sports I had played in the passed. I came to the conclusion that I should play soccer considering it was one I was strongest at. I also enjoyed soccer more than the other sports I had played because it was a tough sport, which was a challenge to me. During the years I played high school soccer I made a decision in which when I look back on, I think I could have handled differently. I never spoke up.

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I would just do what I was told to do. Whatever I was told to do I did it the best I could. I thought that cooperating, listening and giving it my best shot is what would get me ahead before someone else. But I was wrong and that has cost me dearly.

As a freshman I played soccer for Paramus Catholic High School. I started as a forward on their junior varsity team. As the season went on the varsity coach noticed my aggressiveness and moved me up to play with our varsity team.

To be picked out of all the girls on the team I cant tell you of a better feeling of self-pride.Then as a sophomore I transferred to Hackensack High School. There, I again started as a forward for their junior varsity team. Later into the season I was brought up to practice with varsity. I practiced with varsity but only played in a couple of games. Imagine my disappointment, I joined the soccer team to play, not sit on the bench.

I worked so hard in practice to prove myself but it got me nowhere, not even a chance. So I asked to be moved back down to junior varsity where I could play. At least on the junior varsity team I was recognized for my efforts. As a junior I tried again and made the varsity team at tryouts. I was excited because we had lost a lot of seniors and I expected to get more playing time. Upperclassmen always played over underclassmen. But I was wrong.

Instead I sat the bench and freshmen played over me. Senior year came and I made varsity. I stuck it out in practice and yet again underclassmen were playing over me. In my discouragement I quit the team.I should have said something. I should have spoke up.

I should have asked why my coach didnt play me. Maybe there was a good reason that I could have fixed. He wasnt that good of a coach or else we would have had a better soccer team. He had his favorites and thats all that mattered to him. It didnt matter how much I practiced or how hard I tried I was just there in case one of his favorites got hurt.

What would have happened if I did speak up for myself? My high school soccer career is on personal experience of great significance to me. Although this situation isnt favorable to me the effects that came from it are. From this I learned I cant let people push me around. My coach was in total control of what I did and didnt do on that team. I didnt speak up for myself and thats why he walked all over me.

This experience with my coach led me to be a very strong person. I always stick up for myself and take total control over situations when someone tries to undermine me.Words/ Pages : 660 / 24


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