Topic: on customer’s expectation (MSG, n.d.). Public

Topic: the measurement of student’s satisfaction
on school bus in Nguyen Khuyen high school

Section 1: Introduction

This chapter will give the general
information about the research which include the key identification related to
the topic to clarify for the reader exactly the topic. There are two main key
words which are customer’s satisfaction and public transportation. This also
provides the scope for the survey where is Nguyen Khuyen school, some
information about the school bus company which is Phuc Cuong company. The
purpose of the research will be given in this section too. At the end of this
section, I support to be a structure of the thesis.

Key term identification and background

Customer’s satisfaction

The innovation of economic leads to the customer’s
higher demand of service quality which means it will be more difficult to reach
the consumer’s satisfaction. Satisfaction has many meanings depends on the
field of the research. In term of business, the satisfaction can be known as
the measurement of customers whenever they use and evaluate the product or
service to know that it can meet their expectation or not. Moreover, customer
satisfaction plays an important role in customer’s experience that the supplier
can evaluate their behavior on customer’s expectation (MSG, n.d.).

Public transportation WU1 

Transportation is a basic demand of human to
move to a specific destination. As a simple rule of life, we cannot stay at a
place in our whole life, we have to move from point A to point B at least to
look for food. And then, when we cannot find the food in our neighborhood, we
must go to somewhere far away from our house so we need a transportation. In
the past when the life was just simple, the first transportation were just a horse,
a cow, or even a buffalo those were animals. However, the life has changed too
fast, with technology, some scientist found out the bikes which can ride us to
somewhere far away. Notwithstanding, everything has its own limitation,
bicycles are run by human power, we also use our foot movement to make a bike
operate so people were still looking for something less using body activity,
then we have motorcycles which appear in many developing countries like
Vietnam. A motor can run very fast and for longer distance than a bike.
Unfortunately, because of its speed, many people died year to year. That was
the reason why car was mad to protect human’ lives. After that, we have planes
to help people travel further from country to country.

Everyone nowadays need transportation to study,
to work, to meet our friends while some others who are doing business, they
need transportation to deliver their products. The transportation is becoming a
human need and it also plays an important role in the development of the
economy. On the other hand, somehow, it has damaged our environment a lot. The
smoke and dirt which release by the motorbikes caused many environmental
problems in the serious ways. The air pollution, noise pollution and others
effects are also the big concern nowadays when they are harmful to people
health. To solve this issue, we are tend to use the public transportation to
reduce the effect. Some of public transportation are used, which are buses,
trains, subways and so on.

The scope: Nguyen Khuyen Binh Duong middle
and high school

Nguyen Khuyen Binh Duong is the secondary and
high school which is one brand of Nguyen Khuyen private education system in Ho
Chi Minh City. It is located at A26B Bo Van Tan Street, Hoa Phu district, Thu
Dau Mot city, Binh Duong Province. Nguyen Khuyen is the largest private school
in the south of Vietnam with the high quality and the strict student
management. The mission of school is “Study at Nguyen Khuyen is to process, to
follow the tradition golden pages: Good people, Good education, Graduation
100%, Straight entrance to college and university”.

At the moment Nguyen Khuyen School has three
school bus service from 3 different companies and service which are from Phuc
Cuong Company, Dang Quang Company and Long Huong bus service. Phuc Cuong
Company is the biggest one over the others. They has totally 25 buses in the
school while Long Huong has just 1 bus and Dang Quang Company has 7 buses. The
reasons why there are many school buses because the school has just established
for few years in the local and the conflict between the companies. At the
beginning, there is just one school bus which was Phuc Cuong school bus only.
However, the argument between the members was so serious so they decided to separate
into different companies. Due to the originally establishment of Phuc Cuong, so
they have the competitive advantage compare to the others.

Phuc Cuong background information

Phuc Cuong was established in 2003. The
director of the company is Mr Nguyen Phuc Cuong. The company’s address is at
129/5 Huynh Van Cu, Quarter 11 – Phu Cuong Ward – Thu Dau Mot Town – Binh
Duong, Registration & Management by Thu Dau Mot Town Tax Department,
producing concrete and cement and plaster products. The full company name is
Phuc Cuong Construction Consultant Co., Ltd (Tra Cuu Ho So, n.d.). Then later
on when Nguyen Khuyen Binh Duong planned to build in Binh Duong New City in
2012, the company was the main contractor of this school project. Because of
the lack of convenient transportation for the students and parents who live far
away. Some lives in Dong Xoai province, Phuoc Long province, Loc Ninh province and
Dong Nai province. In addition, the school was quite new so Phuc Cuong gave a
help by operation the school bus system.

The competitors of Phuc Cuong in the bus
service field are Long Huong which has many year experiences and Dang Quang Company
which has a range support from the family travelling service.

Research question:

How does public transportation service quality
impact customer satisfaction?

The objectives:

The general purpose:

The purpose of this research is analyzing the
student’s satisfaction on the school bus which is provided by Phuc Cuong
Company. Thought out the research, the company can find out the factors which
affect to the satisfaction whenever the students take the school bus service in
their company. This also brings the benefits for the new students can identify
the quality of the service on other school bus there.

The specific purpose:

To be clearly in detail, this research will
be conducting in the theoretical bases which will figure out which factors
impact the satisfaction on the service. This survey is on the students in the
same school who have the different on their age, gender and family budget). The
result find out the recommend for the business to improve themselves.

Target audience for the thesis:

The major targets of the survey are the
students who are studying at Nguyen Khuyen, secondary and high school. The age
gap will be between 12- 18 years old. Specifically, the ones who are using the
school bus from Phuc Cuong company. This can improve the satisfaction for the
company to provide the better service with higher quality. The every student
might give their own point of view which can have high reliability to test the
satisfaction. Not only helping the company measure the satisfaction, but also
the new students have the review information to choose the most suitable school
bus service for their school life.

The structure of thesis:

Initially, the research illustrates the
background information and key identify to make sure the readers can get the
point easily. In the introduction, it also includes the objective of the
research, the scope, some background information about the company, the
research question and the target sample. The second section is the literature
reviews from some later researches relatedly which includes conducts,
theoretical framework, empirical research and findings showing the relation
between A and B. The third part will be methodology which concentrates on
proposed research model, quantitative methods, clarify the measurement scale, questionnaire
design and sampling method. The most important section is the research
analysis. In this part the data collected from the sample will be insert in
SPSS software to analysis the result. The last but not least part is the
conclusion which summaries all the research briefly.

Section 1: introduction

Section 2: literature review

Section 3: methodology

Section 4: conclusion

Section 5: the findings and limitation.

Section 2: Literature Review

This chapter will cover the relevant
literature review in the previous researches. Base on those researches there is
the relation with the research question. Moreover, this chapter will introduce
about the concept of customer’s satisfaction and school bus services.

Customer satisfaction and public
transportation from the literature review:

Customer satisfaction

According to Sigala, 2004 in the Rabiul
Islam, Mohammed S. Chowdhury, Mohammad Sumann Sarker and Salauddin Ahmed
research, satisfaction might be understood as the experience of fulfillment of
an expected result. Satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a process is impacted by
prior expectations related to the qualitative level. In 2007, Zheng and jiaqing
said that Satisfaction bases on diversity elements and there is no limitation
about the information on this topic. By looking at the previous research study
which have been done in this research department to overall the factors affect
the customer satisfaction. Studies processed that every single customers all want
to be served the best service with the high quality and responses as well to
what they want (Zheng and Jiaqing, 2007).

The customer satisfaction can be collected by
many ways in the different tools. Sometimes, we can use simple questions or
survey response scale. This process might be right after the transaction or
during a long term relationship with the specific loyal customers. The Likert
scale is the good tool in this case which includes 5 levels of emotion from
strong disagree to strongly agree, sometimes is used to measure the
satisfaction also.

According to H. James Harrington, he said

“Measurement is the first step
that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure
something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t
control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.”

In fact, understanding is the very first step
for every business to get closer to their customer. If we do not know who is
not happy at the moment, we will never know how to make them happy. If a
company is so big and they just keep doing what they think right without
understanding the customer’s feeling, that company might be in danger.

The customer’s satisfaction can measure by
many ways from simple to complicate. Some small businesses can evaluate the
level of satisfaction by asking simple questions and looking at the customer’s
emotion while other businesses might use the off line survey or online survey
and looking at the data to analysis the satisfaction.

Understanding the satisfaction is a very
first step, then what if the customer has already satisfied with the business,
they should be continue to improve their business to create the best service to
the customer. In the case the customer has a negative perception about the
business, what we should do to improve the quality of satisfaction, these are
some tips below:

At first, the business should collect the
customer’s feedback about the product, service or anything which the business
want to change. If the customer is disappointed, most of them will never come
immediately to the business, but they will spread out the bad comment to their
relatives, family and friend, in business we call it is word- of –mouth. Like
Mr Son, a marketing professor at Eastern International University, said that,
if an individual feels good, they will talk good to 3 other people, but if they
feel not good then they will talk to 9 others. So through that, .we can see the
power of word- of- mouth, it might be good to a business but it also might kill
that business.

Secondly, wow the customer is also a good way
to improve the customer satisfaction. Among many other business in the market,
we are just the same with them if we do not make something different. Standing
out of the competitors helps the business have the competitor advantages, which
make the customers feel good whenever they use the product. To make this point
easy to understand, we can take an example of Apple Company. They have just released
the latest version of iPhone which is called iPhone X. This product is a big
change on a phone which a lot of highlight features. The entirely screen which
maximized the space to use on the phones. Besides that, using the innovative
technology, the screen explores 100% with the new techniques and technology to
use efficiently the curve of the phone. The new design in the back catches eyes
with the completely different style from the iphone7, iphone6 and other old
versions. With the surgical- grade stainless steel, wireless charging, water
and dust resistance among other special features, those things helps Apple
customers distinguish the product easily from other brands like Samsung or Oppo
(Apple, n.d.)

Last but not least, the customer satisfaction
can be improved by making an easy purchasing accomplish. The customer will feel
better what if they buy any in the simple ways without any complicated steps to
purchase. Amazon is a suitable example in this case. They offer one- click
purchase this absolutely satisfy the customer because they can save time and feel
convenient ( Hubspot, n.d.)

According to the Parasuraman and Gronroos in
the Oktiani Astuti literature review mentions about the service quality. It is
known that the comparison between the expectation and the service perception.
In overall, service quality includes five dimensions basically. First of all,
it is tangibles, this means at the very beginning, the customers will look at
the physical facilities, equipment and appearance of personnel. In this
conduction, the students will judge the painting color with the version of
buses. The chair inside is bad or good, there will have air conditioning or
not, the curtain is clean or dirty. Then the drivers are professional,
friendly, well trained or they just the new worker. The second is the
reliability which is the ability to keep the service quality accurately. The
next is the assurance which is really important, the skill and knowledge of the
workers and their bravely to build the trust in the customer. The last but the
most important factor is the empathy, the caring to the customers. This is the
most valuable characteristic of the employees.

The relationship between the satisfaction and
the service quality is complicated and close to each other. The satisfaction
will lead to the high quality service. Although these two terms develop
independence, then they still have the same that both view of satisfaction and
service quality as a function of expectation disconfirmation and as the function
of satisfaction.

According to John R Hauser, Alice M. Tybout,
and Frank S. Koppelman research, public transportation is convenient vehicles.
Some of examples for public transportation are trolleys, buses, subways, rail
and ferry boats which play the important in the quality of our daily life when
it helps us saving money and providing more jobs for people who are interested
in the tourism or transport services.

is a developing country which has a big innovation their economy. Among the
development, their citizens also have changed in their lifestyle of using
transportation. They tend to use the public transportation whenever they go to
work or go to school. Today, every company offer the company bus for their
employees. For schooling, every school now also set school bus for their
students because of these reasons. First of all, this can help the students
manage their time efficiently. Because the bus operates in the strict system so
the students have to learn how to get up early and prepare their things in the
short time. The students will be more responsible to make sure they will not
miss the bus or late for school. Next, going to school by bus is safe rather
than other transportation like motorbikes or car for the students and friendly
for the environment because it reduces the carbon dioxide emission and the
minimize the space on the road which can cause the traffic jams. Moreover, it
can provide many economic benefits such as the parents might save their money
which is used for gas expense and the school bus company can give the jobs for
their employees (James Murray, 2014).

The statistic in 2014 showed that the
population of Vietnam was nearly 8 billion people and it is predicted that will
be approximately 10 billion people in 2025. The increasing in the number of
citizen quickly with the lack of infrastructure to serve for all people, this
caused the inconveniences in travelling. The consequences are that there have
been many accidents and this number is rising year by year. In the announcement
No. 3023 / TB-BLDTBXH on the situation of traffic accidents in the first 6
months of 2014 by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, there
were 645 accidents in which 45 deaths people. According to Mr Le Huy Tri, who
is the vice president of the Traffic Safety Research Center of the People’s
Police Academy, said that the main reason of these result is by motorbike with
75.16%. Besides that, the traffic jams which lasts over 10 minutes are still
continues happening leads to various problem for human’s health and spirit. In
addition, the environment was damaging while the levels of toxic gases are
excessing several times higher, dust concentrations in the air are maintaining
at a high level and are concentrated in densely packed roads in Ho Chi Minh
City. In fact, in 2011 the number of private vehicles increase regularly with
12% increase in car industry and 15% increasing in motorbikes which is nearly
34 million motorbikes within one year.

Those existing reasons force the society need
a public transportation to deal with these problems (nhile88637, 2016).

In fact, The latest statistics of the Center
for Management and Operation of Public Passenger Transport (referred to as the
Center) under the HCMC Department of Transportation show that in the first half
of 2017, public passenger traffic on 109.2 million passengers, equivalent to
37% of the plan for the whole year. It is estimated that, on average, every day
the subsidized bus is carrying nearly 607,000 passengers. Interestingly, the
volume of such shipments has increased by 2.1% over the same period last year.

Meanwhile, despite the half-time pass, the
non-subsidized bus has exceeded its target for passenger carriage. In the first
six months of this year, non-subsidized buses reached 48.1 million passengers,
an increase of 59.6% over the same period in 2016 and 33.6% more than the plan
for 2017. 36 million passengers). On average, each day the bus does not
subsidize the transport costs of about 268,000 passengers.

In summary, in the first half of this year,
mass passenger transport in the city, including subsidized buses,
non-subsidized buses and taxis, reached 272.6 million passengers, equivalent to
45.4% of the target set for the whole year 2017; up 2.6% over the same period in

Along with the increase in passengers
mentioned above is the growth of other associated statistics. The number of
daily bus trips is 16,328, an increase of 0.43% over the same period in 2016.
The number of bus trips in the first six months of the year was 2,955,420. The
average number of passengers per trip was 37 passengers, a slight increase of
2.2% over the same period last year. (Bao Moi, 2017)

In the research by High



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