Today, its position at the forefront IT, investment

Today, the info about your shipments is important as the shipment itself. DHL was one among the primary international firms to use a high-speed TCP communications network. Since then, DHL has maintained its position at the forefront IT, investment heavily every year in improvement and infrastructure. DHL have a tendency to try this to form certain that the information the customer need is obtainable once the customer want it, and how he would like it.
DHL has a tendency to see that it is working in the international market where ever the customer need to get DHL service , twenty four hours each day, twelve months a year, 365 days DHL have a tendency to guarantee this can be delivered systematically through its international IT organization. Global service delivery is achieved through 3 international Data center placed in Europe continent, Asia Pacific, and the US. These centers have the business applications and international services that support our operational business worldwide.
DHL view information technology and services as a critical part of the business offer and a way in which they can: give competitive advantage, developing the efficiency of DHL business, Integrate consistently with DHL clients.

As an international firm, DHL was fast to grasp the potential of the web and that they are using the internet to communicate with DHL customers since 1995. DHL has passed through ever-increasing use of its sites by frequently improving its infrastructure and technology so these days we have a tendency to use the web to deliver a variety of services and information worldwide.

DHL is an international market leader in global express, land carrying and air freight. DHL even the best international firm in ocean freight and contract logistics. DHL offers a full vary of custom-built solutions – from files shipping to supply chain management.

Below square measure the world facts and figures that show you the dimensions of the world’s largest categorical and provision network.
DHL unique, proprietary routing system
The DHL Same Day proprietary, multi-modal system provides them the distinctive ability to search out not simply a quick route for their customer shipments, but the quickest route. Once DHL have get the customer destination info, the client Service Representatives get among seconds the foremost advantageous route to use. it would be by air, by land or a mix of each, however solely the DHL Same Day system identifies the best way for your cargo.
DHL technology services and functions include automated Dispatch System (ADS) for automated updates and Proof-of-Delivery, Performance-based “best-flight-out” selection and optimized routing, Self-help web portal, Quarterly Business Reporting (QBR) tool, Best-in-class phone system with call balance routing, secure monitoring and call identifier features to speed order flow, Auto advisements via e-mail, fax or SMS messaging, Direct airline links, Driver scanning and paging tools and EDI alternatives.


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