Today become a conscious choice of artists.Pixel

  Today HD (high definition) is an advertising word, which sells both devices and software.However,high definition is a relative concept. Twenty five years ago 16-bit graphics was HD. Every game artist understand that their resolution/screen size – nothing more than a canvas for creativity. The work of a good artist will look beautiful either on the screen of the Gameboy or 60-inch TV.

The problem is how to convey a person who knows nothing about the subject what makes graphics good.Formerly pixel graphics were the solution for the limited graphical capabilities on the early computers.Nevertheless with the technological progress new opportunities appeared and nowadays every developers goal is realism. According to the Matteo Bittanti “realism” is one of the most abused terms in gaming circles.Artist Blake Reynolds from Dinofarm Games said that Aura: A Monster – Jumping Adventure is likely to be the last project of their Studio, in the style of pixel art.

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According to Reynolds, developers of any era are using the best of available tools.Since developers have no limitations from the technical side, the use of pixels has become a conscious choice of artists.Pixel art in game became art direction and mass audience is not too interested.

Reynolds laments the fact that pixel graphics is considered to be a sign of retro style, but doesn’t blame it on the audience. His opinion is that the artist’s task is to make the game look beautiful and attractive to players not to educate them.Artist claims that people don’t need to know about the existence of pixel art as the art direction, and attempts to impose them love to this style will only harm.The desire to use pixel graphics backfired to the company. Developers decided to use pixel graphics because they like it, but players misconstrued it as retro style game,and this Blake commented like this : “Though I never intended for Auro to be a “retro-style” game, what I intended doesn’t matter at all, and it’s 100% my fault for failing to communicate in a language people understand.”


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