Today Origin and others. KICKICO, a blockchain platform

Today the gaming industry is developing fast and the crowdfundingmarket has many problems thatcan’t be solved by existing digital distribution platforms such as Steam,Origin and others. KICKICO, a blockchain platform for fundraising incryptocurrencies, has unveiled a new blockchain based platform – The Abyss. Thenew generation platform offers a multilevel referral and motivational programs.They will allow gamers and game developers to be both rewarded for theirefforts. The Abyss solves one of the main problems in the gaming industry fordevelopers – competition and a problem to get clients.

The platform is a beneficialcooperation, where gamers won’t receive less opportunities.  The gamers will receive income from playing games,having an activity on the platform and being socially active (bringing infriends, creating content, etc.). Moreover, they will be also able to gain fromcomplete tasks for CPA network developers, in-game auctions and creating syndicates(Masternodes), where users can be organized into communities that turn intosources of rewards for participants.  For developers The Abyss gives a big benefit byreducing marketing expenses, receiving payments for in-game items and making anextra income from referral payments made in other games on the platform.  Multilevel Motivational System allows users to beattracted efficiently by inviting others to the platform and gaining from it.The gamers and developers who are the first to attractother users to the platform will receive a maximal income.

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 Earning from all referring and motivational programs willbe paid in ABYSS tokens.  The majority of platform services rely only on this cryptocurrency:Referral and motivational programsSyndicate systemReward system for content creationFunds transfer between usersCPA NetworkIn-game auctions  The system of internal CPA Network is anotherinteresting feature on the Abyss. It will allow developers to sell and buytraffic from different games. In addition traffic can be attracted from theoutside by connecting leads to the internal statistic system. Developers alsowill be able to order paid advertising formats such as banner ads, news lettersand email to further promote their projects within platform’s framework.  One of the main unique feature of the platform – remodeledToken Sale. The Abyss will launch the world’s first Token Sale with DAICOconcept which is new improved ICO mechanism. DAICO  (suggested by the founder of Ethereumblockchain, Vitalik Buterin) that merges some of the benefits of Decentralized AutonomousOrganizations (DAOs) is aimed at upgrading and making the initial ICO concept moretransparent.

It will allow contributors to control the withdraw of the funds,have an option to shut the project down and the possibility to refundcontributed money in case the team fails to implement it. This fundraisingmodel makes ICOs more secure also because it introduces the poll system and involvescontributors into the voting process.In case the team of Abyss will show disappointingresults’ causing the project’s shut down, the Smart Contract will switch towithdrawal mode, at the same time blocking  Reserve and the team’s tokens. The Abyss promises to be a unique featured platformwhen it launches.  TOKEN SALE DETAILSDuring the Token Sale,the Abyss accepts only ETC. SOFT CAP -5000 ETHIn case this goal isnot achieved, all funds will be returned TOKEN SALE (DAICO)Feb 7 – Mar 1, 2018 (15:00 UTC)Minimumcontribution is 0.01 ETHMaximumcontribution is 10 ETHHARD CAP -100000 ETHAfter reaching thisamount, Token Sale stopsPRICE1 ETH = 5000 ABYSS Bonuses during Token Sale:1st day     +25%Days 2-5                 +15%Days 6-10                 +10%Days 11-15                 +5% TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY- 1,15 BLNAll unsold tokenswill be burnt by Smart Contract 


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