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To deliver apersonalised medicine in the community, two potential models can be suggested:GP testing and pharmacy testing.

In the first model, GP testing, during thediagnostic stage GP do the genetic tests. These genetic tests are carrying inthe same way as temperature monitoring. Then, GP makes a therapeutic decisionbased on the results of these genetic test.

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Then, community pharmacist needs tohave enough knowledge and information to clinically check and dispense thegenetically informed prescription. In this method, in addition to checking fornormal drug-drug interaction, the pharmacist also check for with gene-druginteractions as a part of clinical checking. One of the challenges for implementation of this model is lack ofavailability of the technology that supplies accurate genetic test resultsquickly in order that genetic testing can be carried out during a patient’sconsultation.However, inthe second model pharmacist carrying out the genetic testing. After issuing theprescription to the GP, the genetic test will perform by the pharmacists in thecommunity pharmacy and the results of the tests will combine with all otherpatient’s background and genetic information and as a result, right medicine,with the right dose will be given to the right patient at the right time.However, to obtain this goal, pharmacists need to learn how to analyse geneticinformation like SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) and relate them to thepatient’s abilities to metabolize, transport, or respond to certain drugs. Thisapproach will result to tailor dosing regimen from standard to individual ones.

And finally, by minimising the risk of side effects, patients will receive thesafest and most effective therapy Again, thismodel also faces some challenges. First of all, how the pharmacist with theheavy load of works, can do genetic testing for all of their patients. Then,the technology, which enables the pharmacist to use swabs and get the resultswithin the few minutes need to develop. And lastly, pharmacist need to educatehow to have a proper communication with their patients to explain everythingclearly and be able to answer all of their patient’s questions 12.


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