To North Korea,the government doesn’t allow the

To me the second most important right to me is the Freedom of the Press.In a place like the U.S. the citizens just want to have the right to know the happenings in government.

The press serves as like a background check on government for their viewers. If there’s something the people should know like a weather watch or a story on your favorite athlete you can be sure that journalists already on the job trying their hardest to start reporting on it.Without freedom of press, we have no protection.

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For a democracy to function well the citizens are the ones who are choosing who gets elected into office need to be informed.The Watergate scandal is a great example of media keeping the government in check. The Watergate scandal was uncovered by two young journalists for The Washington post. This was a major turning point for the field of journalism, one where America realized just how powerful the media could  really be.Freedom of the press is not just important for the media, but important for every American citizen. We should be more than thankful to live in a country where we have this right, one that so many people around the world do not. Not only that but even without this freedom could be a lost of many jobs like news anchors or writers. We get all this information on things you probably need for things like to type essays like me today.

In America I can go and say  something about the government that’s true but in other countries like North Korea,the government doesn’t allow the exercise of these rights in practice, unless it is in praise of the country or its government and leader. For example was the death of Kim Jong-il, news of which was not told until two days after it occurred Opposed to the U.S.

when 9-11 was happening viewer on live television was told of this breaking news immediately of this horrific act. So Without this freedom how are you going to access this information?


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