To order to empower women in our country

To have the bright future in family, society and country empowerment of women is essential. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had said that to awaken the people, we should first awaken the women, because once a women has been awakened then the whole nation and family gets awakened with her.
In India, women have been always made a subject of honour killings and they have never been given their basic rights for proper education and freedom. They are victims who have to face day to day violence, abuse and other several ill treatments in this male dominated society and this patriarch society. Thus, in order to empower women in our country we need to get rid of all demons in our society who are suppressing women and killing them. In India, there is a high level of gender inequality where women are maltreated by their family members as well as outsiders. In all, we are in dire need to empower women so that they can be independent and not rely on men of our country to support them and take care of them. The women of our country should be strong broad minded and mature in taking their own decisions.
Women empowerment in India, in the real sense, will be achieved only when there is a change of beliefs in society with regard to women counterparts, treating them with proper respect, dignity, fairness, and equality. Women need to be given equal opportunities for education and employment without any sense of discrimination. Unless there is belief change in society towards women, merely providing them with legal and constitutional rights will be simply inadequate


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