To into consideration after viewing both sides

To conclude, the pros and cons of this topic balance each other, as they are solely dependent on the user, how the user wants to use it. As it can be taken into consideration after viewing both sides that, instant messaging makes work environment easier and simple, every employee of the company remains connected rather than running a different race from one another. This is the fastest and convenient mode of communication. Instant messaging also creates an environment at work which is comfortable, nurturing and productive, as without it corporate world appears challenging. Without this application, it is hard to achieve the goals in an easier way.

Sometimes, we forget to pay our attention towards solving our problems whereas, some large companies worldwide have taken this approach and created a revolution. Many goals can be easily achieved in a very short time span. This application will bring the company towards success in an efficient and effective manner. To tackle disadvantages of instant messaging, multinational companies have created their own platform for messaging and to keep hackers and viruses at bay. However, other cons that are related to usage can only be tackled by self-consciousness and reliability of the employees. Thus, we can interpret that this is a beneficial function for a workplace if the user uses it for aid work.

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