To students I had in that class. I

To Whom It May Concern, I am writing with great pleasure to recommend Mr.

Zuo Rui to the application of the graduate program in your distinguished department.  I have known him as a hard-working and intelligent student since he attended one of my classes “Neural Networks”. He was one of the best students I had in that class. I was deeply impressed by his professional skills to demonstrate answers in strong logical and precise manners. While most of his peers could just replicate strategies from textbook samples, he usually approached the solution in innovative ways by consulting recent publications and journals.

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During the appointed time, he always discussed with me about his ideas and thoughts on some very interesting problems, and he did the experiments ahead to prove his great ideas. Obviously, he went far beyond the lecture requirements by sparing no effort to do research with regards to the course, which impressed me a lot.  In addition, he also showed good team effort and interpersonal skills in group assignments. Students were motivated to resolve problematic cases, by advancing and justifying their opinions concerning the topic. Zuo Rui was remarkably accomplished in utilizing the class learning to address the issues. Moreover, he could always interpreted his creative ideas very concisely, and provided grounds of arguments which proved to be fair and convincing. I believe his strong academic performances in the transcript are really self-explanatory; besides, what impressed me more was his all-around development outside academics.

Aside from his endeavor to pursue academic excellence, Mr. Rui was passionate about extracurricular activities and doing part-time jobs during vacation, which enriched his interpersonal communication skills. If admitted to your program, he will be definitely an asset to your students’ community.

 At the end, I would like to summarize Mr. Zuo Rui as a promising student who is diligent, intelligent and professional. I believe his ability to carry out independent research and projects is among the best in his ages. With your most distinguished program, I believe he will further advance his understanding in the field and gain more valuable experiences in practices. Therefore, I highly recommend Mr. Zuo Rui to your program.

For further information in this reference, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely yours


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